We know why people are wearing black!

And white people act like blacks don't know why wearing a black shirt and black pants and hat is hidden, yea right, we know your insidious. Its systemic in why people did white-out (white shirts, white pants, white hats etc) because constitutions were written by Caucasian and the energy around constitution was government is also favoring whites as whites do deceiving acts, but here you have constitution has not been recycled, and people blacking themselves out, while they hiddenly supported white people. Nothings changed, people wearing black, shame on you and at the end of the day you are bigotry and largest hypocrites, this system has failed. Recycle constitution to people and cultures around the world and not founding fathers that enslave black woman and, ssshhhh, kill her behind the house, no one is looking or cares, heh? Ryan seacrest, and white people, we know you people!

May 11

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  • Yes yes troll bot - keep trying.

  • You’re an illiterate, paranoid r*****. If you ever wonder why nobody who hears you spout this nonsense off the internet poses some kind of rational counter-point, its because they don’t respect you enough to bother. I hope you live out the rest of your life seeing the white devil behind every corner. I hope you never take responsibility for yourself and wallow away in some miserable government project, content to blame your own personal inadequacies on ‘systemic racism’ or whatever CRT slogan happens to be in-vogue. Stop polluting the internet with your juvenile ramblings

  • If you blame whites for your problems, you will never solve them.

    I am not a big fan of Obama, but he didn't blame any systemic racism for anything. He worked hard, became respected, and succeeded.

    Take responsibility for your own actions.

  • Like old Jesse says - Amazing!

  • History repeats over and over...you try to take women and take over. It's a cycle! But with all the sacrifice whites have black it out. Shame. Bye

  • Lol thinking you're important

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