Strange reaction.

My wife has a half sister who is her complete opposite, My wife is short, Small chested and has a gorgeous bubble butt, Her sister is tall, Stacked and has a tiny ass. Last night her half sis was staying at our place and I walked in on her having some solo time on the couch downstairs. My wife is 38 and her sister is 24, the two of them went out and go drunk at the local pub and I was in the garage whe they got home at 2:30 am.
I heard the car pull up and the I heard them pour themselves out of the car and there was some cheering and laughing and then the car pulled away, I heard them laughing as they came up to the house and then they went inside, It took about 10 minutes but my wife texted and asked where I was, I told her and she said "You missed out, I kissed *****", One of her friends. We texted like 3 times and she stopped replying so I assumed she passed out and was correct. Our house was originally built to have a "Mother in-law suite" in the basement and as such has an access from the garage to the basement.
I decided to go to bed and went in through the basement as I normally would and was being quiet so I didn't wake my wife's sister but as it turned out she was still awake, As I walked down the hallway I seen the tv was on and didn't think too much about it but as I rounded the corner her sister was laid back in the chaise completely nude, Not stich of clothes, Everything was piled on the floor and she had her long legs flopped open just half sitting with her middle finger of her left hand buried all the way in her p**** and her right hand cupping one of her huge b**** squeezing her large nipple.
I expected a scream or a squeal and some panic but she just looked up at me and then bit her lip, covered her face with her right hand and you could tell she was wiggling her middle finger inside her, She looked at me again and thn cupped her t** and started finger f****** herself, She took a couple deep breaths and moaned "Gaaaaahhhhhh" and then I could hear her get slppy wet as she fingered herself hard and fast. She was shaking and shoved her finger deep inside and then just moaned a couple times and slowly pulled her finger out, Rubbed her wet p**** a little and flopped her head back.
I stepped to the side so I could see better and she just laid there with her legs spread letting me see her bald, Pink, Dripping wet p**** for about 5-6 seconds and then lifted her head and looked at me, She gulped and closed her legs then waved her hand at me to go away.
I went upstairs and into the bedroom, My wife was passed out on the bed in nothig but her thong so I pulled it to the side, Spit on my k*** and stuffed it I her from behind, She just moaned a little and never even really reacted until I shoved my thumb up her ass but even then she just held my wrist until I came in her and then rolled off. The next morning her sister came upstairs, My wife was still sleeping and I expected some sort of reaction out of her but got nothing, She poured a coffee, Sat down and moaned and groaned about being hugover so I thought maybe she didn't remember.
She went back to bed after saying "Nope, Can't do it yet", My wife usually sleeps half the day away after a good drunk so it was normal that she wasnt up yet when her sister came back, Her hair was dripping wet still and she sat down with a coffee again and I said "Better?", She said "Well...The results are inconclusive so far". She had maybe 2 mouthfuls of coffee, looked around and said "Yes I remember", I was like "Oh s***", I just nodded and she said "Ok, Here's the deal, You get 5 minutes to say what you want to say and then it's over, Never happened and you will put it out of your mind as I will this conversation", I said "What?, What do you mean?", She rolled her eyes and said "Ok, I know that in your head you are thinking dirty thoughts and have a dozen dirty things you want to say about it but can't...I'm telling you that you can, I want to hear it...One time then it's done, Never again".
Needless to say I was all F'd up, I was like "Uhhh, Stuff like...You have nice b****?", She said "Pffft...You can do better", I cleared my throat and said "You looked beauiful fingering yourself", She leaned in and squeezed her b**** together, Interlocked her fingers, Put her elbows on the table and put her chin on her hands and said "Stop flattering me, Tell me the dirty s*** in your mind", I said "I f***** your sister thinking about you last night", She raised her eyebrows and lifted her chin saying "Is that...Real", I said "100%, I pulled her thong to the side, Shoved my d*** in her, F***** her from behind ad then stuck my thumb in her ass when I came wishing it was you bald little p**** I was c****** in", She sucked her bottom lip, Looked at her watch and said "Ahem...3 miutes", I said "your big f****** nipples are amazing, I would love to squeeze your t*** together and shove my d*** between them then pinch your nipples while I t** f*** you and c** on your pretty face", She cleared her throat and said "ok", 2 minutes. I said "I am sitting here thinking about your long legs straddling my face while I lay on my back and tongue f*** your p**** and a******". She crossed her legs and said "Would you?", "I said I would be ears deep your ass if that's what you like", She moaed and said "ooohh I do", I said "I am going to f*** your sister again after you leave and c** on her face pretending she is you", She was breathing heavy and said "We do look a LOT alike", I said "I want you to know that every time I f*** her from now on I am going to wish it was you", When she is bent over from behind I'll be picturing your pink little a****** with my thumb in it, Your bald little p**** with my d*** in it, Your c** running down your long, sexy legs while I f*** you, When she screams my name I am going to pretend it's your voice", She was breathing heavy and staring me right in the eyes, gulping and when I stopped she looked at her watch and said "Oh f***....Time...I need another shower".
She took a big gulp of coffee Uncrossed her legs and looked down, I looked down and she was wet, She had a wet spot between her legs and she turned beet red, She leaned in and said "It's over, Done, I don't want to hear about it again, This was ot an invitation to change our dynamic and will never lead to anything else" I nodded and said "uuhh, Ok", She bit her lip, Shook her head and took a deep breath then let it out and said "Oh jeepers...I'm gonna give that shower a work out" and got up and walked away, I watched her tiny ass in her shorts as she went downstairs and the went and checked my wife who was still snoring, I waited at the top of the stairs until I heard the shower then snuck down and listened at the door as she moaned and grunted and then let out a "Aaaaahhhhh", I went back upstairs and stripped down, crawled in with my wife and knowing her bedroom is right below ours I rubbed my wife a little fom behind Until she was wet and started wiggling and then I slid my d*** in her and she groaned "Ugh, Really...I need sleep...", I said "You can sleep as long as you want after" and I f***** her so hard intentionally making the bed hit the wall and making her moan loudly until She came and then I got my thumb we and shoved it in her ass, She grunted and said "Aaahhh, What the f***....Aaaahhhh, Get your thumb out of my ass" and then I came deep in her and then let her push my hand away, She said "What the f***...Really?, Not cool" and then pushed me away and rolled over.
I went back to the kitchen and later when her sister came up she looked at me, Raised her eyebrows and said "You gonna do that eveytime you know I can hear?", I shrugged and said "Probably" and she just chuckled. After that she flipped a switch and started just talking about normal stuff and when my wife woke up she came out, Glared at me and grabbed a coffee. She later gave me s*** after her sister left and said "I hope to f*** she was still asleep" and I just shrugged, What a weird night and day.

May 15

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  • That's never true, but a lovely h**** story !

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