My dormmate is my girlfriend in a sexual way

I attended a parochial school growing up and one novitiate kissed me and manually penetrated me. She asked to be transferred from the school and I never saw her or heard of her again. My mother heard that she transferred to a school in the Chicago area.

In college I am in an all women's dormitory with communal showers and last fall I got heavy with a girl from Texarkana performing oral s** on her. She told me she was disgusted with me, but at the time she delivered herself to my mouth and had a full o*****. I became obsessed with getting her back and I pinned her down and ate her again on Saturday when everyone was at the game. She threw a tantrum but she didn't leave my room, sitting back on my bed. When I grabbed her head and held her face against my bear woman's box she held onto my hands but did not remove her face.

She has, since then, agreed to sleep with me and perform oral s**, and allows me to penetrate her with my fingers, my mouth and tongue and this d**** that we bought online. She is petrified of anyone finding out. So am I actually. It's a very secret affair. I wish she would be more receptive to kissing and fondling, and not insist on oral s** right off the bat. It's time to just be a girlfriend, and not behave like a s***. The semester is over and we are moving to an apartment off campus.

May 19

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  • When I joined my sorority last year, during haze week I had to have s** with my sponsor and two other sisters.
    Since George Floyd, we had to provide proof that we'd had s** with an African American guy. If we couldn't then we had to have s** with an African American in front of everyone.

  • Sickening monkeys are monkeys

  • I miss college. Plenty of girl on girl time and chasing after BBC. Those were the days.

    Enjoy you only live once

  • Enjoy it while you can. I graduated in 1997.
    I partied a lot. lol I drank lots of alcohol before I was 21, smoked lots of pot and had unprotected s** with numerous guys.
    Oh yeah, I should mention I had a boyfriend back home that had no idea how wild I was. lol

  • Agreed. I graduated in 1994. I had s** with more than 50 guys between HS and college and I ended up marrying the boyfriend back home.

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