Secret fetish

I am not gay but I have a sexual fetish that is the opposite of that statement. I am in my 30's, married to a woman and have one child. I have never dated a man or been attracted enough to consider it. I am human, and "yes" I can appreciate a good looking guy without being attracted to him.
Now, on the other hand... I enjoy the act of giving a b*******. I love sucking, licking b**** and especially swallowing a load of c**.
When I was maybe 10 years old my best friend was Steve and we often slept over at each others house. One night while sleeping over I was woken up by a feeling between my legs. Steve was putting his hand down the front of my pajamas. When I woke up and tried to move away Steve said "it's OK your gonna like this". I calmed down and Steve began stroking my d***. It felt really good. I started getting hard and had an e********** for the first time in my life. IT WAS AMAZING! From that point on we masturbated in front of each other and gave each other hand jobs.
Around 13 years old we began giving each other blow jobs. I remember the first time. We were in his room sneaking p*** on the computer. We were watching a girl give a guy a b*******, so we said, why not. When I had his hard d*** in my mouth I knew I liked it, but when he came and I swallowed it I had a special feeling and knew I wanted to do it again.
We grew up, started dating girls as any normal guy does. We continued to play privately. When I went to college I continued this fetish and found the occasional guy wanting a b*******.
My current job requires some travel so I satisfy this fetish by going to the occasional adult bookstore. Also myself and Steve still live in our home town and I sometimes meet up with him.
Even though I enjoy performing the act of giving a b******* I am not interested in dating or any kind of a relationship with a man. I have never tried anything past performing oral and occasionally receiving it.
I know it is odd but I enjoy it.

May 25

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  • I am a bi guy. I have only had one "true" deep throat experience. IT WAS SO EXCITING! I was servicing a black male with a very long p****. He kept pushing, hit the right spot and his c*** slip right down my throat. When he got there he just held his c*** in my throat. I have never felt anything like it, it was amazing!

  • I read about deepthroat and was totally disgusted. Then I looked up on youtube and some women were talking about learning to do it. I started to touch the back of my throat with my toothbrush. I would gag something aweful. Then I would get bananas that were still slightly green and peel them and try and deep throat them. Again initially I would gag and sometimes some vomit in y mouth. I kind of then imagined I was being trained and I had to do it each day so even if I actually didn't feel like it, I would do it. I was amazed only two weeks after first trying it and only one week after deciding to do it every day, I was able to get it right in without gagging. I could relax and breath.

  • What state are you in? I love bjs giving and receiving. Gay straight bi i dont care im comfortable with it all

  • Bro that is gay AF. You are deluding yourself. Early experimentation is perhaps understandable, but to carry it on and still do it?!

    Is that why you are here, to see the comments?.....Coz, honestly that is totally gay. Fvcks sake you are in complete denial. Straight dudes do NOT do that s****.

  • Yes but everyone isn’t all like you. What you think is disgusting will be tolerable to others. If we were all the same life would be boring and hellish.

  • True. Agreed. But the point stands. Straight dudes do NOT do that sh*t. That's the entire point...accept that it's gay. Jus' sayin'...

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