I’ve begged my wife to cheat on me

I’ve begged my wife to cheat on. Me. I have a very candid conversation with her about chucking me. But still nothing. I suspect he has cheated on me. A few months ago she would get up in the middle of the night and go sit in the living room on her phone. She would also spend extended periods of time on the toilet with her phone in hand. Both of which are unusual for her. I suspect a doctor she fancies has been her playmate, (she’s an RN). I can’t stop thinking about them kissing as he admires her naked body before he has his was with her. She’s a super curvy plus size girl. I trolled the doctors FB page and only saw one female he posted a pic with a few years ago. She was an attractive plus size nurse he was giving her accolades for her work. Maybe I’m reading into it a lil too much. But I love the idea of him having his way with my semi submissive wife.

May 26

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  • I'll make your wife "O" for you.

  • I'm a project manager and away from home 70% of the time. My husband has always given me his approval if I were to cheat.
    I was nervous and felt a little bit of guilt after my first time. It was with a fellow co-worker that was also married.
    I'm 41, as of this year, I've been married 14 years and been with over 50 men so far.

  • Way to go!!!

    So proud of you, darling.

    Bag them. Enjoy it. Variety is the spice of life. Keep your kitty fed.

  • I remember my wife's first affair. She was 28, we'd been married 3 years and she'd just her pre-baby body back. About my wife. She played soccer in college and always has an endless supply of energy.
    She loves her job because she's always on her feet walking. She delivers packages for a large parcel service and make the boring brown shorts and socks uniform look naughty.
    I knew she got hit on all day by customers but one day I noticed a message on her phone from Adam a co-worker. 'Your a$$ looked HOT today' My wife admitted they flirt often. I didn't care.
    We'd finished having s** one day and as a joke I asked my wife if Adam wanted to F**k her. Without a pause she said YES! He asks her all the time.
    Adam's married, early 40s at the time and former military. She said his marriage is open so he's always s******* around. I told her if it's just s**, she should see what he's got and go for it.
    She did.
    It was a weekend when Adam's wife had took the kids to visit her family. Originally, my wife was to go to his house Saturday afternoon, have s** and come home.
    She messaged at 11pm to ask if she could spend the night. I asked if they'd had s** yet. She sent a smiling emoji and a two finger emoji. I told her I'm fine as long as I get details later.
    She came home Sunday morning worn out. lol She said he pounded her so hard, her insides are sore. LOL

  • Hope she has gone back for more

  • My wife's a little hottie. She's 5ft soaking wet and built. She works the front desk at a gym and does part time personal training. I know she gets hit on all the time. There's been many times after work she's initiated s**. She'll be extra wet and ride my c*** hard! Afterward, she'll confess a hot guy had complimented and flirted with her.
    I know she messages and flirts with guys too. I'm ok with it.
    Back in January, I noticed she was messaging someone all the time. When they finished messaging, she would initiate s** and OMG she'd would ride me silly!
    We're open and she admitted a guy 50s and 22 years older than her, was hitting on her a lot. She showed me his pic and he's fit and well kept for his age. A few days later, my wife was in the shower and her phone kept buzzing. I looked and the guy was sending d*** pics. I playfully told my wife 'her friend' was ready for her cause he was sending her d*** pics. She told me he does that all the time. He sent the first one a few weeks ago and she complimented his size. Now she gets them all the time.
    A few days went by and I was joking with her 'did you get your d*** pic today.' She'd say 'yes' or 'not yet but I'm sure it's coming.'
    I was curious and asked if she'd had s** with him if I wasn't in the picture. She said 'in a heart beat!' cause he hadn't been with a woman in over 5 years. She went on and on about what it would be like. I told her she should as long as it's just s** and he wears a condom.
    A few days later she went through with it and since then she's kept thanking me for the experience.

  • You should have invited that man in your home, as a friend, and first watch their s**, than join them and c*** inside her. This is a big fun.

  • I gave her my approval to have s** with him a few more times. Apparently, he didn't last very long the first time. I can't blame the guy. She told me he didn't want oral because he was already hard. He got half way in and came. They took a break and tried again but he was spent.
    If they get a routine going, I'm going to ask to watch.
    My wife seems to be having fun with this. I'm getting some nasty s** out of her right now too.

  • I bet your wife is letting him inside unwrapped and that is why he c*** so fast.

    I know I would let him in unwrapped

  • She told me he's been snipped and can't have kids. I told her if that's the case then don't use a condom. She smiled and said they never have.

  • I’m so proud of your wife. It’s not worth it if it’s wrapped

  • This arrangement has stepped up her game in the bedroom. She's alway been a high energy wild one in bed, now she wants it all the time! LOL Right now, she's meet him after work on Tuesday and they have dinner on Friday and she'll spend the night. The rest of the week, she spends with me and our s** life has reached another level.

  • It's a very erotic thing. My wife has cheated before and her stories make me blow the biggest loads. I've told her she's always got the green light to do it again.
    So far there's been 5 guys.

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