Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.

My friends and I were drinking last night and I had my husbands cellphone because mine had gotten wrecked and I couldn't get a new one till monday, I was going out and he was staying home so I took his. Long story short we all went back to my place and were drinking in the garage because 2 of the girs smoke.
Someone, I don't remember who suggested that it would be funny to take random pictures on his harley with his phone which just started out with cleavage and butt pics and then led to a couple b*** pics and then all 5 of us took b*** pics, 2 of the girs pulled down the front of their pants, 3 girls bent over and showed all the goods from behind, and on and on it went, Then my sister, Yes my younger sister who is bi, I am fully aware but she suggested some girl on girl touching, So b**** in hands and a bit of kissing and then there were a few nipples in mouths, Some make outs and then after it went a bit awkward when my sister and one of my best friends got a little heated and my sister put her hand down my friends pants and fingered her.
My friend was way too into it for a married mom of 3 and snapped out of it and got all embarrassed and then eveyone decided we should delete everything, Well, Little did I know that my husband has everything synced to download to a cloud and once it does you need a password to get it off there so when I thought everything was gone I went to bed.
I woke up to my husband sitting at the table, He looked at me and raised his eyebrows and said "Hey hun...Fun night?", I said "Yeah, We didn't wake you did we?" and he said "No", He didn't say anything else for a few hours about it because the kids were up but when me and him were sitting out back he looked at me and explained the cloud server. My heart dropped, I had no words, He said "So....J & S?" and I was like "Oh f***", Hesaid "Yeeeaaahhh" and I told him he absolutley could not tell her husband anything, He asked if there was more after I stopped recording them and I was like "Pfffft, no" but as I thought about it they did leave together and my best friend J is VERY sexually unsatisfied in her marriage and from what I have heard my sister can be very pursuasive so....Eeeek.
Anyway, Feeling dumb this morning and now my husband has seen 3 of my friends b****, P****** and butt holes and also mine and my sisters who one picture included us bent over side by side from behind and another standing side by side from the front tops up and pants down doing a sort of comparison...Ugh.

29 days

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  • Don't worry about it. Just s**** his brains out every day for about two weeks. He'll only think of you.

  • That's such a thoughtful gift for your husband. What a lucky guy.

  • I met a moment at my baby's play group now the kids are 8. We get together. It's kinky and I'm her sub. It's hot Hot hot. She does things I'd never let my husband do.

  • You suck.

  • No, you suck. I throw you off the balcony. Impromptu flying lesson!

  • I’m happy for you. I met my BFF in a play group about 20 years ago. Andrea and her family moved next door to us later that year.

    Long story short Andrea and I have been enjoying each other for almost 20 years now and my hubby Jim has joined upon occasion since we celebrated his 36th birthday with a threesome 15 years ago.

    Our s** life is incredible. Both Andrea and I are empty nesters now. We have girl time several times a week and sometimes several times a day. Andrea’s hubby has ED so Jim fulfills her needs the only way a man can and it drives me insane watching the two I love f****** so hard.

    Keep your new friend and hopefully you can get your husband included. The three of you will never regret it.


  • So you've been a cheating t*** for 8 years and using your husband as a wage slave and yet you give it 'all' to this other 'mom'. Why not just leave him and go live your lesbian dream? This way he at least has some small chance of finding someone who genuinely loves him and you'll be hailed a hero. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of money, you and Sally strap-on can go live the dream!

  • Ask him to send the pics here. Would love to view them


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