First but not last.

My husband and I were over at my friends place last night, she dates a guy long distance so he is only there about every second weekend or she goes there, He is an older guy than us by 10 years, He's 45, I am 35, My husband is 37 and my friend is 36. We were all boozing on her patio which is quite private and after a few drinks we decided to go the the local bar After a few too many we returned to her place to raid the beer fridge and sit on her patio again, Her kids were all at her parents place so we were able to be a little loud and stay a little late.
My friend went in the house and my husband tapped my arm and nodded his head, I looked over and she was standing in her room by the bed pulling her shirt over her head, My first thought was Oh crap but...What was I going to do, My husband did a very poor job of trying to hide the fact he was looking from me and I just gave him the "RLLY" look and he just shrugged.
My friend came back out wearing a big poofy hooded sweatshirt but even with that you could tell she was not wearing a bra (She is quite chesty) and my husband was not having any luck not looking, We have been friends for 7ish years and I know he has always checked her out.
We were getting pretty drunk and my husband and her boyfriend went to look at some sort of dude stuff in her boyfriends truck, I leaned in and said "You should have closed your curtains when you changed" and giggled, She turned and looked and said "Oh f***", She looked at me and said **** (My husband) was sitting here, I nodded and laughed and she said "Did...He...", I said "Oh ya, You have a new biggest fan", She turned red and said "Oh FFS" and then looked at me and said "Sorry", I chuckled and said "Oh I don't care, He has always had a thing for you, Just now he knows what he is fantasizing about", She said "OMG *******, Stop it", I laughed and shrugged.
The guys came back and her boyfriend was standing sort of beside her and my husband was sitting beside me, My friend was sitting there and even with her sweater on you could see hard nips just sticking out a bit through it, I invited her inside to talk for a minute and said "So...I don't know if you've ever considered anything like this and I have to say it now because I am drunk but would you ever consider...Ya know..." And she tilted her head to the side and said "Are you asking me to have a threesome with you and ****", I shrugged and said "I don't know, Things have gotten kinda stale and I just thought I would ask, I don't know how serious you guys are but..." She said "Well...He has actually been asking me for something like that" I said "Ooohhh, Ummm, I was...." and she said "Nooo, I can't, Not without him" which threw me off, That was not what I had planned and I didn't know what my husbands reaction would be to that, I was thinking maybe a birthday surprise for his pending birthday in 2 weeks.
I stood looking at her and didn't know what to say but she looked at me and said "I dunno, Would you?", I blurted out "Probably" and she said "take off your bra and let's go back out there, I just about ripped it off and shredded it but I got it off and shoved it in my purse which was on the counter and we went back out. My husband noticed right away which was actually a bit awkward but then after her boyfriend took notice I got instantly warmed up to the idea a bit, I am nowhere as large chested as her but my shirt was thinner so....
I kinda stalled out not knowing what to do and luckily he took the reigns and said "Well....Come with me" and took her boyfriends hand, I grabbed my husbands and followed her to her bedroom, We sat them down and I think my husband was actually confused at first until I reached for his zipper and then he got shy, Her boyfriend was just staring into her eyes and she was groping him through his pants, I got my husband to stand up and pulled his down and then she did the same, Her boyfriend is a tall guy and has a pretty big c*** actually but I didn't realize how big till later.
We all just sort of got on the bed and got partially undressed and were just messing around on the same bed then her boyfriend got her top off, My husband did the same to me and then I was the one who got shy, She has got great big b**** which look awesome and mine are just average size and a bit saggy but things carried on and pretty soon we were all naked and having s** beside each other, My husband kept going hard and soft, Hard and soft. I stood him up and asked if everything was good, He nodded breathing heavily as I stroked him and then I just whispered in his ear "Do you want to switch" He looked at me and I said "Straight up, Now or never" and he nodded yes.
A switch was made and a WHOLE lot of f****** happened, Me and her got together, I got together with both guys while my friend caught her breath which were both firsts for me but I think I rocked both. We all got our fill, I know I sure did with her boyfriend, Geez he's thick and there were a lot of wet spots on the bed, I know a couple were left by me. I didn't talk to her the next day but she stopped by the day after that ad we talked, She told me her boyfriend gave her permission to join us anytime she wants and she has twice, He is coming down this weekend and my boyfriend is going to take our kids and go away for 2 days so I can return the favor, This could be the start of something great.

May 28

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  • My wife and I began things oddly, my buddy and his wife were sitting across the room from us, and he started kissing and fondling her, so I did the same with my own wife. Next thing I knew we had both wives naked and we showing them off to each other, then s** with our own wives.
    The women got together later and talked, when my wife told me if it was all right for her friend to come over while she went to their place, I realized what was going on.
    Now every summer my wife goes to their house, his comes to mine for a week, great fun.

  • Sounds like s** will never be stale again

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