Some advice.

Just a tiny bit of advice, If you didn't want me to say anything you should have proofed your pictures better before posting them.
Yeah, Yeah, I know I shouldn't have been on the site in the first place but...I was cruising AFF the other night and seen a picture, I noticed something in the background and it just caught my attention, I wracked my brain trying to figure it out, I ended up taking the picture and zooming in, Doing a bunch of work on clearing up the background and Sat back in my chair just nodding my head.
My wife and I had planned on going to visit some family two weeks later and it is about a 1 hour drive, We visited and had drinks and then her cousin invited us to their place for a beer or 10, We were sitting out back and my wife was quite drunk, I was staying sober because we still had to go home that night and my wife went inside to use the washroom, I was sitting talking to her cousin and it was actually pretty perfect, She was sitting facing the same direction as she had been in the picture I saw, YUPPP, My wife's cousin has a AFF profile and not just your average dating site profile.
I was chatting with her and her commonlaw husband was chopping wood, I looked up from my beer and looked at her, Squinted, Looked past her and made my eyes wide, She looked back, Looked at me and then said "What?", I shook my head and said "Oh nothing....Ahem", She looked at me suspiciously and and said "Umm...No, Something", I was pretending to act nervous and then looked over my shoulder for my wife and looked back at her saying "Sorry, I seen your profile....I just recognized that", Pointing to the item I knew that there was only one of in the world because her mom made it.
She looked back and looked at and she started breathing heavy and fast and said "Oh my f****** god" and then looked back at her husband and covered her mouth and nose with her hands like she was praying and I just said "I won't say anything", She said "when Jan(Not my wife's real name) comes back I am going to mix a drink, You go to the bathroom and meet me in the hallway". I had a little bit of an...Oh s*** moment but nodded my head. My wife came back, She took my wife's and her own cup and went to "Mix drinks", I said I had to pee and went inside, We met in the hallway and she started in on me, "Why are you on that site ad so on, I told her I was just jerking to pics of random women because I like the idea they are local and I may know them", We had about a 3 minute conversation and I promised never to tell anyone but....
The next day my wife was at her moms and her cousin knew she was going to be away all afternoon since my wife had brought it up multiple times and low and behold 2:00pm I hear "Ding d***", I answer the door and there is her cousin. So let me tell you what I found on the site. My wife's cousin is short and average built in every way except her massive t***, Like no word of a lie massive and look out of place on her body, On the site she had 14 pictures and 2 videos, Mostly just naked pics but one of her and another girl sitting side by side rubbing each others p******, Video 1 is a guy coming on her t*** and video 2 is her on her back with a guy f****** her and another with his b**** in her mouth jerking off and both guys come on her not filmed by either guy performing in the video.
So she had quite a bit of content to be nervous about, I invited her in and she started right in asking what she had to do to aquire my silence, I told her nothing but she said I need a guarantee and when I asked what she meant she said "I want to video you f****** me and keep it for my own assurance you will never say anything". I said "DEAL". You thought I was going to say no didn't you...Well, I f***** the s*** out of her, Filmed it and she kept a copy and I kept a copy agreeing to make this more of an ongoing thing so....Yeah, Worked out well for me.

May 30

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