For 20 years now

For 20 years or so I’ve been having an on off relationship with my best friend who is bisexual. From an early age I always considered myself as hetero and never really had a steady girlfriend until 15 years ago with someone who I’m now married to and have two children with. This secondary relationship with my best friend started, as I say, 20 years ago in a twin bed hotel room we were staying in on a lads weekend. He came and lied with me in my bed and started stroking my leg and I enjoyed the touch and feel. Deep down I suppose thinking back I wanted to do the same but I didn’t want to make the first move. The first time ended up ending where I tried to take him into my mouth and he pushed me away. The next night he let me and I made him come for the first time. We used to have flings each time we stayed over in places and we still do as we try to stay away each twelve months or so. These days he enters me from behind and comes inside me. We have fun and he's touched me more times in the past twelve months than my wife who is reaching menopause now and isn’t interested in s**. For a long time aswell, as he doesn’t drive and he would come to soccer with me so before taking him home I would stop somewhere and we would do oral and handjobs. I love the feel of his uncut d*** in my hand and it’s turning me on just writing this. My wife doesn’t know anything about my special relationship with my best friend.

Jun 2

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