Fraternity Hazing

I will keep the university/ college and fraternity name anonymous. Will not mention any names. But when I was attending college when I was 19 years old i wanted to join the fraternity there. I’ve heard of their crazy parties and the people there are crazy popular especially with the girls. I was invited for initiation and as well as 10 other guys. I knew we were going for the hazing ritual, I had no idea neither were the other guys what was gonna be in store for us. We arrive at the house. They blindfolded us and drove us in a van I know it was a van because of the sliding door. To an undisclosed location. The president welcomed us, mentioned that this is the initiation. He asked this is the ritual in order to become a pledge.
They walked us unable to see. Into bunk beds. I heard guys climbing to the top bunk. I got a lower one. They asked to lay down and lift our arms up. When then I felt them tying my wrists together securing them. Then I felt my legs being positioned on to a floor board of sort. Where there was an opening for our feet and securing them. Heard the president read an oath and we had to repeat. And said we commence the ritual. Unable to move and see what was happening. I feel my shoes and socks being removed. And I feel fingers on my soles and toes. Then I hear giggles and laughter from the other guys. Then I feel another set of hands on my feet. They are tickling me. I couldn’t help but giggle but they picked up the pace I was laughing. All of us were. They were tickling my soles, arch and toes. Then I heard the person leave and walked in another person tickling us. I heard guys say stop. The president said there’s no one to hear us. Long story short we were tickled on our feet for an hour or so with various tools. I felt feathers, brushes. The worst part was someone covering my soles in oil or something and two of them tickling my feet with brushes at the same time. I passed initiation and was a frat brother.

Jun 2

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