I love tickling but not sexually. I enjoy the bonding and playfulness of it. It’s a fun and cute game to me.
But I like belly tickling most of all and have not been tickled since I was probably 10 years old? I’m in my 20s now. Worst part, I don’t have a ler. I don’t like feet stuff either which seems to be a big part in the tickling community. Honestly just wish I knew people in the community and had a ler to tickle the ** out of my torso.

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  • I have a tummy and navel tickling thing with my hot older sister that, while a bit sexual, too, is also a bonding thing just between us. Started years ago, when she wore a lot of short crop tops, tied-t-shirts, and, as she still does, had a habit of raising her shirt and itching her bare tummy and navel with her long, polished nails. It was all so tempting for me to swirl and tickle her, and I started doing it, to her fun, try to get me back, reaction.

    We shared a hotel room one weekend after moving a friend's kid to college, an afterwards, she laid flat on the bed before dinner, raising her shirt to mid-ribs level and exposing her tanned, tight tummy and deep, oval navel. I sat next to her, gave her navel a swirl and tickle, she recoiled in laughter, but..Raised her arms above her head (I did tell her to keep them there, I'm not done with you), so I could continue, and I had a tummy tickle fest on her for about 15 minutes, making her ** midsection as red as her face and long nails. Had her laughing into the pillows. Even in the elevator going back downstairs, I stood behind her and got in a few more fun tickles. Tickling her was the best part of that long trip and moving weekend.

  • I don't like feet stuff either, curious how it's so prominent. I have an obsessive fantasy about women being suddenly stripped ** (usually in a caught burglar/spy scenario) and then tickling all over her ** body without mercy as payback.

  • That's just how I like to tickle. What area are you from?
    Send me an email if you're still interested dexterjohnston3@gmail.com

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