Belly Sitting

I used to do this as a kid, we had a maid, and when parents were away, we used to role play the scene from the old jungle book movie, were mowgli tickles the bear. In which she will play the bear :) .
She was in shorts and a top, sometimes in a bra

She would lay on her back,i climb over her bottom, and start tickling her sides, she would gigle and say ( no....noooo tickling.... you're cheating !!!!) . I continued tickling her and then give her sone tine to catch her breath.

Then she would roll on her back, now she's too exposed, so i climb over her again and sit on her belly, she would say ( you already won! ) I start tickling her belly, arm pits, she would giggle and say ( stop ! Stop! I give up )

I stop, then she just crossed her legs, and was relaxed, it got to be a habbit for me to sit on her belly from time to time.

Refer to this :

Jul 1, 2021

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