Uncle sexually assaulted me

When I was like 7/8, I spent some weekends at my aunt's house with her husband. One day he took me fishing and I actually had an amazing time but later on he needed to take a p*** and since there were no like restrooms nearby he decided to just p*** somewhere near the lake. He asked me to follow him and I did and then he just took out his c*** and started p****** into the shore of the lake. He asked me to come hold his p****, I was hesitant but I did anyway. When the pee stopped coming out, I let go but he insisted that I held on longer because he wasn't done. I just stood there holding it while he was telling me I was doing a great job, I felt it get hard and he told me that was a sign that more pee was on its way. He told me that it needed help getting out so I need to squeeze it out, he covered his hand over mine and started to j*** off. He came and said I did amazing. I'm not traumatized or anything, I haven't told anyone either because it weirdly did not affect me whatsoever. To this day I have no resentment towards him either.

29 days


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  • He needs to be hung

  • Sorry to hear

  • This is you learn at an early age about s**. Did he ask you to suck his c*** or he sucked your p****?

  • That's f***** up he did that to you tell someone your uncle can go to prison for rape since you can't consent

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