This is not a joke. I would like somebody to abduct me.

I have essentially had it with the life I have. I'm a grown man who still lives with his parents and can't move out because I don't have enough money for a house. That's because the pay at my job **. I can't even quit my job because while trying to find other jobs online a lot of them are in retail, which is my current job and I'm sick of working retail. I have absolutely no other kinds of work experience. Honestly, if I could find a way to get on the Dark Web and see if they offered to abduct anybody for free, I would immediately request my own abduction and ask to be driven halfway across the country before being placed in the middle of nowhere. I know that what I'm asking seems quite shocking but, I'm just so sick and tired of the current events of my life and want to break free from it all but simply driving away won't help because on my days off I go to the mall with my mom and, on the days I work, I'm expected to show up. To me, being abducted is the only way I can get away from such a horrible, downtrodden life.

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  • There is only one person who can change your life-YOU. I hear a lot of whining and a lot of excuses. You're the only one who is holding you back from changing your life.

  • Exactly, you’re just pathetic at this point

  • If you want someone to abduct you it’s not an abduction. It’s a car ride

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