I let my wife sleep with other men because I have E.D.

I've had problems keeping it up for about 10 years now. When I do manage to stiff enough to have penetrative s** with my wife, I e******** within a few pumps... Its very embarrassing and I felt guilty about not being able to take care of her sexually. She is extremely attractive and stays physically active and very fit - she works out most days.

It doesn't help that I work really long hours and am physically exhausted when I get home. So I brought up the idea that she could have s** outside of marriage and she has really taken to it! She has s** one or two times a week with a few different friends she has at the gym and a social club that she goes to. And I love it! I am so relieved that the pressure is off of me and that she is being satisfied in ways I just really can't anymore. I also like that since I work so hard, I can afford a nice house with a great yard and pool that she can bring her friends to so they can spend the day together. It really works for us!

15 days

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  • F/26 and my husband's 27.
    After our giving birth to our first child, we rarely have s**. He confessed that he thinks it's weird and gross to have s** after I'd been stretched from child birth.
    I was being sarcastic when I asked if I could 'get it' from somewhere else. Shockley he agreed. His words were "Who's gonna want to F**k your stretched p**y? If you find someone, go for it." OMG! He said that to the mother of our child!
    We argued! I admit I'm not a super model but I work for the public and guys to hit on me and flirt on occasion.
    I told him I work with an older divorced guy (46) that would willingly pound it out of me if I gave him the green light.
    We argued more and he dared me.
    I did and now I have s** with him 2 or 3 times a week.
    BTW: He does pound it out of me!

  • Your a lucky woman. Nothing better than an older man with experience who knows how to satisfy a young lady and can appreciate you.

    Enjoy it. Shoot I’d even think seriously about leaving your hubby if the s** is good and your sugar daddy has money

    Your husband sounds like a d I c k head

  • See, that's what I'm talking about! You husband seems like kind of a j*** for saying that to you, but he's doing the right thing by opening up your marriage IMO. He can't (or in his case, won't?) take care of you, you found a guy to do it for you!

  • 12 years ago, I got exposed to a chemical at work that caused me to have ED. My wife had been married 5 years and have child. I gave my wife the 'green light' to find a partner for s**. She was hesitant at first but she finally agreed to have a 's** only' relationship with my friend Jamie. He's never been married and a player.
    They've been having s** for over ten years now and things aren't weird.

  • Yeah, its cool how this can just become a part of your normal life. Doesn't every get weird for us either. Occasionally one of them will come by on the weekends and hang. They get flirty and touchy and he'll take her inside for a bit, but hanging around the pool, its normal.

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