Getting fat

All my life I’ve dreamed of having a big, fat, round belly and am finally giving in to the desire and gaining weight. At 6’3” and 290 lbs now, I have the start of a nice big fat belly. When I sit, it’s 58 inches round and I can no longer hold it in at all.

I told my wife about my desires and although hesitant at first she says it’s my life to do what I want. Recently I confessed that I wanted to grow much bigger and she is agreeable. I’ve even asked her to buy me donuts and other goodies and she has started to do just that. It makes me hard as a rock during s** and she loves the feel of my belly banging against her p****.

She asked me to c** between her t*** the other day and as I was getting ready to drop my load she began kissing and licking and sucking my belly which was swaying in her face. I’ve never c** so hard and long as I did that day.

I’m trying to get her to feed me in bed and play with my big fat belly more. I’m hoping she helps me get much bigger as I feel so much more empowered and sexual the bigger I get. My ultimate dream is to have such a huge belly that I cannot see my feet anymore and that she feeds me and jerks me off at the same time.

I’d love to have another woman with us during s** feeding me and playing with my belly but will have to wait to tell my wife until she gets more into this feederism and fat belly stuff. Any women out there interested in playing along?

Jun 13

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