Feeling left out.

So...Last night I was sitting around with my 2 room mates drinking and we began discussing b****, My one room mate has huge b**** and the other 2 of us are more in the average range with me being the smallest of the 3, It didn't take long before we all had our b**** out and were comparing and saying what we liked and didn't like about each others b**** and our on.
We have all lived together for 2 years and are VERY comfortable with each other so it wasn't like even anywhere close to the first time we have seen each others b****, Soon the conversation switched to vaginas and that was when I was a little surprised that my one room mate stood up and pulled her shorts down showing us hers. I am not gay, Not even a little, I love men and love d*** but I didn't turn down the chance to feel what a v***** that has had 4 years of laser hair removal felt like. Yes I ran my hand across her pelvis and she stepped her feet apart so I felt what the lips feel like also (Yes I am switching to laser), everyone basically had a handful of everyone else's v***** and my large breasted room mate made a comment about how she wished she had my vag because I don't have any inner l**** showing and she has a little, My other room mate slightly more but none are like the ugly, Flappy lips showing.
Ok, I am J, My big boobed room mate is N and the other is D, I could tell D was sort of getting into what was going on, She is a C cup with relatively small nips and they were standing right up, Loud and proud as she was getting a little...Handsy and when she went for her second grope of my vag she gave my cl!t a little tickle, Caught me off guard and I may have moaned a little which caused some laughter and then the question period started "Have you?, Would you?" etc. I said no which wasn't entirely true, I would have but didn't want to say that.
Long story short I laid in bed and listened to my 2 room mates get each other off multiple times while I was too chicken to burst in and join them but now I feel left out. I should have just said yes and I could have been a part of it but now sober it feels too awkward to say anything. Moral of the story.....Be honest.

Jun 16

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  • Never too late, admit you were feeling shy, they will find that cute and maybe give you an encore, hopefully.

  • Why woman shave or laser their pubic hair, this is the most disrespectful thing to do to your p****!!!!!

  • No it's not. No smell of old p***!

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