I still wonder why he chose to do what he did. It was all very odd and dare I say, unnecessary.

This happened to me in my early twenties.

I had gone to a business to order a spare part for my car and parked in the car park in front.

I went in and ordered the part as it was not in stock. When I came out, there was a forklift parked behind my car, effectively blocking me in.

I went back inside and reported it. The Manager said that I had parked in an employees designated spot and he had to park further down the street.

I had not seen any signs and said so.
There was a mechanic with him and the mechanic said, "You're in my spot."

Again I said that I had not seen a sign and I said sorry.

The Manager said they were getting a little tired of people claiming not to have seen the sign.

Before I could say anything, the Mechanic said something like, "I want Mechanic's Payback."

The Manager grinned and said something like, "that has not happened for some time, which one?"

The Mechanic said one word, "Transformation."

The Manager nodded and said, "OK, no rough stuff and get one of the others to assist you, if necessary."

I was escorted by the two mechanics into a back room where they changed in and out of their work clothes/overalls each day.

My transformation was an embarrassing and humiliating experience.

I had been told to take all of my clothes off. The Mechanic then handed me clean clothing from his clothes locker.

When I finished dressing, I was taken to the workshop to show the other mechanics the end result.

The mechanic said something like , "Well guys, he wanted to park where I park myself every morning, and so now he is."

"What do you mean," some-one asked.

The mechanic replied, "He is now parked in a pair of my undies, my singlet, socks, shirt, jeans, and sneakers. I now have to wear my overalls home."

Two of the men sniggered, one laughed outright, one tried to laugh, but ended up snorting. The Manager just grinned.

The mechanic added, "I am keeping his clothes in the meantime, and I am sending him home dressed in my clothes. He can pick his clothes up when the spare part comes in."

I made sure to park on the street when I went back for the spare part I had ordered.

As he handed me my clothes, he said "Mate, I am willing to transform you anytime you want."

"Not a chance," I replied. I left with the spare part and an unpleasant memory.

17 days

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