Humiliated for trespassing

I confess to being humiliated because I trespassed. I was nearly 17 years old when this happened. While walking home from a friend's house one Saturday mid afternoon, I decided to take a short cut through the grounds of a factory, to save a very long walk around the street block. I climbed the fence and had reached the end of the empty employees car park when I was caught by two young security guards. They took me into an office and said they were ringing the Police. I did not want the Police to come and said so. The older guard (about 27 years old at a guess) told me that they wanted to make sure I did not trespass again. The younger guard (about 25 years old at a guess) said something like, "yeah, that's we want to do". I promised I would not, but he said they wanted to make sure, and he added that "you are about our size too." The older guard grinned at that added comment for some reason. Instead of ringing the Police, they took me to a room that had two rows of clothes lockers, with a bench in between. I was told to take my clothes off. Though I slowly undressed, it was not long before I put my underpants on top of my other clothes on the bench. The older guard opened one of the lockers, reached in, then turned to me and said, "Put these on". It was a pair of white Jockey Y Front style underpants. I reluctantly stepped into them and slowly pulled them up until the waistband was hugging my hips. It was a weird feeling. He then continued to hand me clothes until I was completely dressed in his clothes, including socks and shoes. They did their rounds of the building and grounds with me in tow wearing his clothes. About an hour later, I was told to take the clothes off. The younger guard then opened a locker, and he handed me a pair of sports briefs with a kangaroo pouch. As I was putting them on, a cold shiver went through me. He then handed me clothes from his locker until I was completely dressed in his clothes, including socks and a pair of sand shoes. Again, they went on their round to check the building and grounds with me in tow. It was about another hour when I was taken back to the locker area. The young guard told me to take his clothes off. I went to take off the singlet when he said, "Hang on, leave my singlet, socks and underpants on, you will be wearing them home, put the rest of your clothes back on. You can come back here tomorrow, bring my clothes back and collect your underwear." They let me out the front gate, to walk all the long way around the block. I went and collected my clothes the next day and I never took a short cut through there again.

Dec 30

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  • You are one of the very, very, very, VERY few people of your generation --- well, MALES of your generation --- who have the intellectual capacity to learn from mistakes, and to understand that actions have consequences. Thank you for spreading the word. Do so at every opportunity. Excellent work, my good man!!!

  • I have thought about your comment concerning my experience at the hands of the two security guards. Your comment is correct. Actions do have consequences, sometimes unpleasant.

    As I tried to understand why these two security guards chose that particular form of humiliation, I actually went to a counsellor several years after the "experience". The counsellor did some research and came up with the following answer.

    He believed that the security guards used a variation of what is known as "Petticoat discipline", that is, dressing a male in female underclothes, dresses, stockings, shoes etc, in order to humiliate in order to adjust that male's behaviour.

    Due to a lack of female clothing in their lockers, the security guards decided to vary the discipline by making me wear their own underclothes, shirts, trousers, socks and shoes instead.

    As I wrote, I never trespassed there again. I dreaded being sent home wearing some-one else's underclothes a second time, so this disciplining did teach me that actions certainly do have consequences.

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