Special bond

The most amazing s** I ever had occurred when I was only 17 years old and I have never been able to get over it. I am now 30 and married. Not my marriage or any other relationship has ever been close to that feeling.
Some people are going to get creeped out. The sexual experience I speak of was with my twin brother. We are "fraternal" girl/boy twins.
We were always super close. We shared the same bedroom until we were 14 years old and our parents made us take our own rooms. Always best friends.
One summer the family rented a cabin on a lake. Our parents went into town for groceries one afternoon. We walked down to the lake for a swim. We were splashing, playing and he would pick me up and throw me. One time I grabbed him around the neck and our faces came close. Things just stopped, we looked at each other and kissed. The next few minutes were a blur of making out and removing out bathing suites. We made love on a blanket by the water. It was so intense and emotional. We both knew exactly what the other wanted and felt. It was amazing!
We both felt guilty after. It never happened again. I wish it had though.

15 days

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  • Not quite your situation but I do agree that having a sexual experience with someone you are so close to can make it next level. I am a late 20's female. I have a sister one year older than me. We are very close. Through high school, college and after we occasionally "shared" our boyfriends. We would give them the treat of having both of us at the same time. We did not have s** with each other but jointly pleased or male partner. We are both married now and sometimes joke about letting our husbands in on this...

  • In that case, you need to let your brother know you want more. It could become regular and make you even closer.

  • I guess I can see how that’d be a unique and intense experience.

  • So nice to feel so close. I feel you.

  • Girl great s** is a must f*** your brother everytime you see him f*** him all the time f*** him in front of people just get that nutt!

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