How it came out

Hi my name id Daz too say in the year 2012 to 2015 i was married at the time to a bueatiful attractive woman but after meeting a guy with a large and knew what to do with c*** i lost everything i had ever love what im saying even thought my wife knewn i was having s** with him it wasnt untill i came to light that he was videoing me while i was un aware thats bad i hear the think well that not thw half of it and after i tried to pull aways from him his had downloaded the contents of my telephone contacts and email and texted but no body was close to me to tell me this had happened so when i met friends and family they would look at me and have that face of we all no what you have been up too ohh what a horrible time you put the one you love ( i still love her sad i know) but hey everybody she knew and if i hadnt became in fatuated with "P" then they would never have been the wise that my then wife used to help me get ready and even told me what outfits i should wear so everybody think we are only human and a the mercy of other

Jun 23

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