I am in a FLR .I wear panties full time secretly, I am often kept locked in chastity. I am submissive to my Mistress of 8 years.

Jun 23

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  • My wife runs our mariage. It's WLM. Sexually it started with her saying it was symbolicly wong for me to be on top and also that I'd c** and go soft before she'd c**. She kept saying she wanted us to c** together. We used to practice me on my back and her on top. Still I'd c**. So I'd put on 3 condoms and even tried numbing cream. So by concentrating I could hold off but then she c** and I then couldn't. She also said if I initiated she felt pressured to respond so we agreed that I would not ask or even hint. I was to do all the things to set the scene to make her want s** like making sure the house was clean and so on. She said she would be get aroused but then feel like she was then getting her o***** but if she took too long then I'd not get mine. I said that's ok that I really liked her to have her o***** and to want and desire me.

    This progressed where we agreed that she would initiate and say who was going to o*****. Her or me. This included some teasing and some humiliation of me where for example she'd tell our friends that we only have s** when she wants it.

    We've tried at times scheduling my o****** say on a particular night. She's used them as reward for doing things. We are also religious and early on she challenged me to abstain for lent. Each year we do that extended abstinence.

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