MY BFF and I were eyeballs deep in a bottle, Maybe 3 of wine when she asked me how I met two of my guy friends that I have known since college, BTW I am 40. Anyway I don't know why she had never asked me this before but when she did I froze, She looked at me and said "What???, Come on...No way????...Did you????"
I wasn't sure how to lie my way out of this one or even if I should but I was like a deer in headlights so she knew something was up, Me an her met my first year in college and then she left and went home for family stuff but we stayed in touch and had became really close that year, We lived in the same city 5 hours from where we went to college but she was 4 years older and went to a different school so we had ever met, When I went home we instantly became 100% BFF's.
Anyway I said "Ok, Now, Let's just be rational here", She got wide eyed and said "Wait...I need more wine", We each filled our glasses and I began my story.
I went to the bar one night in my second year of college, Got way too drunk and I am reasonable certain I may have taken some molly which I did a few times but anyway I get invited to hang out after the bar closes by a couple of the bouncers, Next thing I know I am in a back room, Skirt around my waist, Shirt under my armpits, Some girl making out with me and a guy standing on either side of us, She got on her knees, I was sitting on a desk and they watched her go down on me while groping us both and then we all had a foursome.
Anyway I never did know who she was but I did frequent that bar often and did end up with one of the guys a couple times but anyway she was shocked and sat staring at me for a while before bursting out laughing and saying "Oh my god, Are you f****** serious???, You dirty s***....That's pretty hot though".
Well, Basically the reaction I would have expected from her...Hahaha.

5 days

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