I have to share a secret attraction...

I'm married to a man that I love, but I'm not in love with him romantically. I have recently been finding myself very attracted to Indian men (from India).

It's turning into somewhat of an obsession and I find myself seeking out conversations with Indian men I meet through my (remote) workplace. I find them very sexy on a physical level; the brown skin, dark hair, and regal features shared by the ethnic group equate to pure male sensuality in my mind. Add on top of that their intellectual tendencies, refined manners, and strong work ethic - you get the sexiest man alive, in my opinion.

Since this started, I have indulged in numerous fantasies where I am engaged in deep intellectual conversation with an Indian man that suddenly turns romantic when we realize how connected we are on both mental and physical levels.

I put this in the relationship category because my attraction is NOT all about s** - in fact, in my fantasies I have never gotten that far. Perhaps it is all based on the feeling that my white/American husband can not hold a candle to these men intellectually. Or perhaps it's because "the grass is always greener". But, either way, there's no harm in fantasizing but you can bet that if given the chance, I'd have to work hard to make myself ignore the advances of an Indian man.

Dec 9

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  • One thing sure about Indian men is that they are very intelligent.

  • Bullshit. No way you are serious with this. Have you even met any Indian men?

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