After being run over he has continued to support me

I walked home from drinking with friends. I felt bad, I walked slowly with measured steps. I lost my balance and walked into the street, a Mercedes hit me and passed out. I woke up in the emergency room, with my leg in a cast and internal injuries.

I was kept in the hospital for observation. A man came to see me, he was driving the Mercedes. I was embarrassed. He asked if I had anyone to take care of me, I wasn't going to get around by myself for a while. I had friends, but not that close. He took me home himself.

His wife took care of me, including helping me to the toilet, bathing, dressing and **. Feeding me, and keeping me company. She was young for a wife, 26. I felt helpless, having someone help you sit on the toilet, help you wipe, get up, pull up your underwear is embarrassing. But she helped me just the same.

Six weeks I had my cast changed, my leg's cast was still hip to ankle, my internal injuries were better, but mobility was impossible without help. By the time my cast was off, I had a cane and she supported me, that was nine months, my femur x-rayed ok. But by then she was attached to me and I stayed with her and returned to college instead of work.

Her husband paid for everything, he gave me an allowance for spending money, and covered all my support. When he asked if we were in love with each other we didn't lie. But we were unable to support ourselves. It would be another five years before we could earn enough to pay rent and our other bills. He paid the rest.

We live in a house he bought us, work in our chosen profession, earn enough to pay our other bills, if we run out he picks up the bills. It's been a long time since he ran me over, My life changed forever.

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