Wife shared this - gave my dad a BJ

My young wife lived with my parents for a time while I was deployed overseas..
She was very h**** now, since we'd had a very active s** life as young married's, so she was unsuccessfully trying to satisfy herself with her hairbrush handle (she said).
Pop had complimented her on her figure in her bikini in their pool....and she saw he liked her butt in pool wedgies and the occasional near-nip slips.
Mom was away for a few weeks. She came to the kitchen braless in her T and nylon short-shorts.....and he was appreciative of her cute under-butt peeking and pokey nips....woof whistling - and made her giggle.
She kissed him on the cheek before bed, wearing her normal short nighty and she saw him downblouse her small b******.
Later that night in a big lightning storm she came to his bed side....he opened the covers and she slipped in. They snuggled. Her thigh came up on his and found him hard. She hesitated then took him in her small hand. He moaned. They kissed. She moaned. He slipped into her small bikini panties, squeezing her young butt & eventually fingered her. "Dad we can't f___" she said, "wouldn't be right, but...?" He took the hint and removed her panties, turned in bed and a__ her while she s_____ him to o____m. His fingers and tongue gave her her 1st o***** in months - they slept in each others arms and repeated this each night until mom returned. Never again. They've remained close over the past 5 yrs, with no problems to our marriage, or his. She had needs - and this old dog was happy to oblige as he had a few himself....with this 26 yr old~!!

Jun 29

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