Parents dressing a boy as a girl or a girl as a boy should be pun

Parents who do this to their child should be severely punished with many years in prison. Telling your boy to put a dress on is child abuse. Not allowing a little girl to grow up a woman is just as bad. These children should be removed from these homes and their parents should only be allowed supervised visits. Actually giving a boy female hormones to make a transgender out of him should net the parents 25 yeas to life in prison.

Seeing children mistreated by gays men and women is a sickening sight. Society should punish these people and punish them severely.

Jul 1

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  • Although it's wrong for a parent to dress their child the opposite from their gender,they didn't commit a crime serious enough to go to prison. However, if any person gay or straight mistreats a child by doing something like sexual abuse, that person needs to go to prison for sure. Teaching children that homosexuality is wrong but it's not a crime. It's kind of like if I asked someone to stop using bad language around children and they continue to do so,that is indeed wrong but it's not something someone should go to prison over. I understand some things that aren't a crime can anger and upset us but we have to watch what we say or do or else we end up going to prison for our actions.

  • I meant teaching the child that homosexuality is ok is wrong.

  • Our boy has been dressed as a girl and raised as a girl. Up until now its gone pretty well. When people ask him why he's wearing girls clothes he will say anyone should be able to wear anything.

    We do have to deal with tears at times when he asks why can't he be like the other boys but we remain strong in our resolve.

  • I would have been happy if I was dressed and raised as a girl

  • Grooming your child for misery and perversion. You deserve to be in jail.

  • You’re ruining your child’s life. Why would you do this when he’s asking to do boy things? What a f****** moron.

  • I am an older male and I am very much in favor of these liberal parents turning their boys sissy. The more fem and confused they are the more they seek the attention of older dom men like me.

  • Ok, groomer

  • Literally grooming

  • I'm not grooming anyone. The parents are. They dig the trench, I lay the pipe.

  • Lol

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