Spanked RED by mom in front of my family and friends

I’m in my late teens/F living at home with my brothers and sisters. My parents are the more traditional type and believe in family rules and discipline, growing up with regular spankings, usually administered by mom.

Recently I was at a school swim practice, where I usually head straight home after hanging out with friends or bringing them home to relax, do homework together. Thinking I was about to head home, I just put my jeans on right over my wet swimsuit as usual to save time.

After talking with friends outside school, I was invited to go celebrate a friend’s birthday at Wendy’s down the street. Not having time to go and change out of my wet swimsuit, I went there and we hung out for awhile. We then headed over to a local restaurant to eat some real food after snacking on junkfood. Swimming makes you hungry! With all this chatting and excitement, I kept forgetting to call or text my mom that I will be late, not to mention my battery was dying so no incoming SMS either.

After eating some of my friends walked home with me, since we are in the same direction, and I invited them in so we could do group assignments. My mom was furious when I got back since I forgot to even tell her I had any after school activities, much less going out after. My loyal friends helpfully explained the situation, but had done this to my mom all too often before.

After lots of arguing and a lot of smart mouth from me, my mom grabbed my arm and pushed me over the back of the couch, telling me to stay. She then grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen and proceeded to give me the usual hard, full arm-length swats with the spoon over my jeans. After several stinging swats I screamed out “OWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! that F*N kills!” and jumped right up and started hopping up and down holding on to my behind.

I had got the spoon plenty of times before, but for some reason this session just killed. I was so caught up in the arguing and spanking I forgot about my wet suit under my clothes, which intensifies the sting factor. (Trust me, it stings over a wet bottom. Remember the old towel-snap trick when you get out of the pool?)

Meantime some of my siblings were in the living room and burst out laughing at my bunny- like performance hopping around the room. Even my friends could not conceal their stupid giggling, all while my bottom was starting to burn as if someone had lit a match to it.

She then ordered me back over the couch for more, since we are not allowed to move around when being spanked. And because I also dropped the F-bomb, not helpful in a situation like this. I begged her to stop but she would not have any of it. When I refused to take down my jeans as ordered, I got more hard swats and then she ripped them right down for me. My mom then saw my wet suit and, apparently, a bright red bottom!

“You didn’t change ?????” Then even she started laughing. Now my siblings, friends, and mom were all laughing at me. “No wonder you reacted like that!” she laughed.

The full impact of my stinging bottom now reached my brain and I had tears flooding down my face full stream.

“Mom, please, I can’t take it anymore... Please? I’m sorry.......”

She put her arm around me, kissed me on the head, and said she would not have spanked me like that had she known I had a wet suit underneath.
“I think you’ve had enough for today. We’ll continue the session tomorrow after school.”

I glared at her with my angry face. “Mom!” I screamed in protest. “That F*N stings OK!!!!! Give me a F*N break!”

She laughed, and said she was just kidding, but sternly warned if I used the F word once more to her I will get the belt on my bare, red, wet bottom! Go and get changed, she ordered me. She then told my siblings if they didn’t stop laughing at me right now they’re going over the back of the couch too, wielding the spoon at them. The laughter stopped very fast, since they now how badly that oversized spoon stings, even over dry clothes!

After my bottom cooled off I finally got changed into some dry clothes, and had a little time with my friends to hang out in my room. Later on, after they left, my mom and I talked, hugged and made peace. I got to fully explain my side of the events that day and why I didn’t call her.

It was definitely a spanking to remember, but certainly not the worst - or even the last - I ever got from her! Love you mom! And thanks for bringing me up right, for disciplining me whenever I needed and deserved it, and for putting up everyday with my immature, teenage behavior.

Jul 1

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  • Using that kind of language with your mom you're lucky she didn't see the spanking through to completion by having you strip down and get it on the bare. I'd say you got off easy this time. I'm happy everything worked out well for you. Let us know when you get the next one from your mom! 😊

  • You get the award for the most hilarious post of the day! thanks for making my day! 🤣 sorry you had to go through this though 😢 please post another spanking experience for us. Keep them coming!

  • Continued..... Part 2 of story - Please read part 1 below first!

    Each of them went over her knee to have their bottoms set ablaze with my mom’s hairbrush. After she was done with them I had to go over her knee for another quick session, since she told me as host, and the oldest, I was responsible for getting them home on time.

    Our bottoms were stinging so badly we hardly slept at all. Next morning we realized out bottoms were burning red, and would likely stay that way for awhile… In a situation opposite to yours, we were actually supposed to go for a school swim session that day but who wants to wear a swimsuit with a red bottom showing? And imagine how much a red bottom would sting in the pool!

    I must admit that I, too, could not help laughing when I read your story 😊, but nice to know I’m not the only one getting spanked at my age!

    P.S. I thought I posted this comment/story on another post (under anonymous, before I registered on this site) but I can’t even find it now… so sorry if it looks like I am repeating! comments, feedback welcome! Hope you see this deniz!

  • Hi deniz, I really liked your story and think I can certainly relate to your situation. I’m female, in high school, living at home, and still spanked well into my late teens! My mom actually has an old-fashioned, heavy wooden hairbrush handed down from her mom which she used to get spanked with, and now uses it on us with love. One of these family heirlooms, I guess!

    Anyway, I recently had two of my friends over to spend the night as we were going out somewhere Friday night and would be out late. When we got back we were well over curfew. After the usual lecture my mom, hairbrush in hand, took me by the arm, sat down on the sofa, tore down my clothes, threw me over her lap and spanked me on the bare right in front of my friends. Serious! I think I got about 50 good swats with me furiously kicking and screaming away. I have never been so embarrassed in my whole life! 😢

    My friends were close friends from school, who are over at our house frequently, so my mom knows them and their moms well since we were small kids. After finishing with me, she then turned to my friends and gave them a choice: either they get spanked too or she would talk to their moms, and she knew full well they would be in big trouble.

    She gave them two minutes to think it over, and after leaving the room to talk it over privately between them, they returned, grudgingly agreeing to the spanking. But my mom agreed to do it over their pants, and of course she would not talk to their moms about the incident.

    Part 1 -> Continued in part 2

  • You should have put your panties on

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