Skid marks

My name is Emily and here is my first ever confession:
Some of you may be disgusted by this, but when I'm at home alone, I don't wipe my bum after a poo. Then I pull my knickers up tight between my bum cheeks and periodically check the brown patterns on the gusset of my knickers for the next few hours. After 2-3 hours, I have a shower and change in to clean underwear.
Leaving it any longer than that results in a very sore bum.
P.S. I'm a 34 year old married mother of two school age children.
P.P.S. I even disgust myself with this at times and promise myself that I'll stop, but it's my secret pleasure.

Jul 3

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  • Wear plastic panties

  • Does the smell or the look of it not bother you? It sure isn't a feminine thing to do and the onky guy i know that will p*** on himself and go take a nap and not clean himself up is my ex husband. Dies it not bother you that those around you are giving you a disgusted look? I know I would be. I want to be as much feminine as possible because disgusting habits like that wouldn't help me to feel ( or smell) sexy. If you want to grab anyone's attention that's not a positive way to do so.

  • Read it again. She makes it very clear that it's something she only does when she's on her own at home alone, so it's definitely not for attention.

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