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I was sitting here thinking of something that happened in the past that was strange , It all started before selling on the net you would advertise in local papers and sell your items that way . Basically my wife was selling a leather skirt , This guy phoned up asking questions about the skirt he said he was buying it for his wife . Now my wife was telling me what questions he was asking she seem to think he was getting off on it , He asked her if it was tight on her bum How short was it do you show your knickers when you sit down do you wear stockings with it etc . My wife said his breathing got heavier then he said he would ring back to say when he could pick it up then he put the phone down , We both laughed about it anyway two days later I answered the phone it was the guy asking to speak to my wife about the skirt for sale . He said he rang the other day so I passed the phone over to my wife , When my wife got off the phone she was laughing I said go on what you laughing at .She said he would buy the skirt for double the asking price if she would model it for him, I asked her what did you say she said yes of course but he won't turn up that's obvious Anyway the time he was due to turn up the door bell rang we looked at each other then I answered the door it was him , To get straight to it my wife went up stairs to put it on 10mins later she reappeared . My wife looked hot she made a big effort she was having fun with it , She bent over showing how tight it was on her bum then she sat on a stool showing her knickers and stockings . He eventually left saying if she had any other items for sale to ring him and gave my wife his phone number . Well every now and again my wife would ring him if we wanted some fun

Oct 27, 2018

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  • M43 Plymouth uk would love to see some pics of your wife modelling sexy clothes email

  • Right after my wife and I got married, we moved into a small apartment and our landlord was an older guy in his mid to upper 40's. She and I had just graduated high school a several months before, so we only had part time jobs and had a hard time making rent. I came home after work one night and my wife was upset. I asked her what was wrong and she said we were going to get evicted if we didn't make 3 months rent payments plus the current months rent was due in another week. I told her I didn't know what to do. That's when she said the landlord said if she wanted to have s** with him, that he would forgive one months rent. I told her if she wanted to do that, I would be Okay with it. Two days later my wife f***** the landlord while I was at work. Then she f***** him again and again until we were caught up on the rent. She would go on to f*** him every month for the next 2 plus years that we lived there. We are still married today, but we own our house. So in a way she's still f****** the owner.

  • I was in college and having a hard time in one particular class. I was going to fail. I stopped in to talk with the professor and see if there was anything I could still do to pass his class. He got up and closed the door to his office saying there is one thing you can do and he winked at me. I was 20 years old at the time. I bent over the desk and let with my professor who was probably 60 years old f*** me from behind. I passed his class.

  • This happened to me but I was much younger, For a long time I thought of reporting it but every time I thought about it I realised the I actually liked it. However it left me with a desire for older me, the older the better because they take their time, are gentle and appreciative of the opportunity to have sexual intercourse with a bum. I like dressing in ladies undies as well and this drives a lot of older men wild. they love it when they can thrust their d*** into a silky clad bum and watch as their s**** leaks out onto the nylon knickers.

    The other day an old guy even licked his s**** off my knickers while I was wearing them after he spunked me and that was so erotic.

  • ^^How old are you now^^

  • I'm 28 now and married to a guy I went to college with. He had to take this professors class too. He knows I let him f*** me to pass his class. Although I never told him until after we got married. He was shocked but understood because he hated that professors class too.

  • What was the s** like?

  • Well I thought he was an a******, and a creep for doing what he did, but I also could have said no and just took his class again. Eventhough I thought he was an a******, surprisingly he had a big d***. I didn't measure it, but he bottomed out inside me and I kept trying to hold him back everytime he pushed in. I never orgasmed, but if he hadn't been such an a****** I probably could have. He f***** me for probably a good ten minutes before he finished in the condom. He pulled out, zipped up, and told me to never speak of what had just happened. Then he told me to get out of his office. I didn't even know I passed until after the grades came out. I was a little scared thinking he was still going to fail me, but he didn't.

  • It sounds really sexy do you h**** from it now?

  • Well my husband's d*** is not as big, but I had not really thought about it until I read this post and remembered doing it.

  • I'm 8 inch do you count that as big?

  • I would consider you in the larger side depending on your girth. If you have a nice size girth, then you are right there in the perfect zone. Not too big and not too small.
    Guys who have 10, 11, 12 inches is just too big and all it does is just hurt. Guys who get below 5, 6 inches is just too small, and they better just be good with their tongue.

  • It's 3 and a half in girth.
    And to be honest I like to lick too and to be sucked I like most things really!
    What's your favourite position?

  • I know it's crazy, and most people don't say this, but I love missionary. I love seeing a nice muscular chest right over the top of me. I love it when he puts my legs up over his shoulders.

  • Got be honest I love missionary, I like to look at her face while I pump it in.
    What did you think of my girth was that alright?

  • Are you sure you measured it right? 3 1/2 inches is pretty small for someone who is 8 inches long. Make sure you're hard and then put a string around it. Then measure how long the string is.

  • I must have measured it wrong, it's just under 5" how that work?

  • Are you still there I enjoy talking g with you, you are very open

  • Let's be honest, you enjoy talking to me because you think you have a shot at meeting up with me for s**. Now maybe I'm wrong, but if so, you would be the first guy I've ever talked to on the internet who didn't want to sleep with me. ;)

  • To be honest the chances of us meeting up are slim!
    And the way you put it; is the very reason I like talking with you!
    Like I said "you are very open" and also up front.
    You are still willing to talk? please type back

  • Yes, slim to none, but that doesn't stop many guys from trying. But now that we're on the same page, ask me any question you want.

  • OK, what are your kinks, turn ons and fantasies.
    I don't mind telling you mine either;

  • My latest fantasy is to be f***** by my husband in front of my brother-in-law. He's cute, but I would never betray my husband or sisters trust by f****** him.. but f****** my husband while he watches would be ok. Right? Maybe later I'll tell you my kinks. What's your fantasy?

  • I really want to have s** with my MIL, she's in her early sixties and as hot as f***! She has massive b***'s and very prudish, in my fantasy my wife watches and us humiliated at first but later excepts me and her mother as lovers.
    As you say it's only a fantasy.
    What about kinks then?

  • Hello are you still there?

  • I would pay good money for her used knickers!

  • Your wife likes to flash her c*** then.

  • No , She had never done anything like this before , It became a bit of a turn on for me thou not sure about my wife . When my wife wants to sale a item of her wardrobe she phones him only if she thinks he would be interested in it , The second item was a see through top and he was even more cheeky what he wanted my wife to do

  • How can I buy something?

  • I'm not sure at this moment

  • I would like some of her used panties after seeing her wear them!

  • That would be no problem anything else

  • Yes soiled as I watch, her come or pee

  • How can we do this , Any ideas , let me know , what county do you live in ?

  • UK your self?

  • Yes UK

  • City you live in?
    I'm in Nottingham

  • Bath

  • Ok, that's quite a distance, if I was to stay in London, would she be willing to travel?
    Obviously I would pay for the room as well as the panties!

  • It's not out of the question , Tell us about yourself age etc just trying to get a picture that's all . Anything you want to add to your description of you know what we mean , What are you hoping to get out of this and what would you really like to do to my wife ?

  • 6ft, dark eyes, dark hair quite muscular but nothing over bearing.
    Sporting, like to be adventurous,
    Small term, her soiled panties see her naked!
    Long term a full night of passion "s*X"

  • ^^Sorry my age is 37 ^^

  • When he came to view the top my wife made out she was alone but I was in the kitchen , She wore a uplift bra with the top then he said could you wear it without a bra . My wife said yes of course you could then he said No can you show me what it looks like on you , My wife came into the kitchen and removed her bra then returned he asked my wife to walk about so he could look at it . Then he gave my wife the money and said I'll take it .My wife went to come into the kitchen and he said No I'll take it now take the top off , So my wife did what he said then handed it to him she walked him to the door she said he could not stop staring at my t*** . We are enjoying this innocent fun

  • I love your wife to c** to my house in school st llanbradach south Wales

  • Are you the one that's been talking to us

  • No I am still interested?

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