Feeling stupid about this, but need advice.

Hello. I'm eighteen years old and I've just finished my A-levels. I live with my family and will hopefully move out when I start university in September. I'm going on holiday to Zante with some friends from school, boys and girls, in August. Last week, I bought my first ever thong bikini for my holidays and I desperately want to try it out before I go away so that I don't have tan lines across my bum when I'm on holiday. We currently have a heatwave in the UK and it's the perfect opportunity to wear it in the garden. There are just two problems - my dad and my brother! I feel really embarrassed about them seeing my more or less naked bottom. Do I speak to them first or should I just put it on and brazen it out? My brother is fifteen. We're a close liberal-minded family and all get on really well, I just feel awkward about exposing my bum to them. Somebody reading this must have dealt with this kind of scenario. Help!
Thank you in anticipation.
Love, Rachel x

30 days

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  • You can use my garden. Any time.

  • Leave your thong in the bathroom and see if your brother blows his load in it. Then you'll know you can have some fun.

  • Thank you so much for your charming suggestion, but it's not quite the advice I was looking for. I am hoping that a skimpy lime green thong bikini will attract a lot of attention, but only when I'm wearing it and the last person I want to excite is my brother.
    Love, Rachel x
    Have an extra kiss for being naughty xx

  • Just do it. Lie on your back for a while then turn over when you're ready. They'll probably have already guessed from the high-cut sides that you're wearing a thong.
    A word of warning though. Don't do what I did the first time I wore one. I burnt my bum and could hardly sit down for a week. If you ask your brother nicely, I'm sure he'll rub some factor 50 on for you 😉.
    Good luck. Let us know how it went.
    And enjoy your hols. Zante is great.
    Kaz 🙂 x

  • Aw, thanks for your response, Kaz. That's sweet of you. Unfortunately I lost my nerve and decided to leave it until I go on my hols even if it means dazzling everyone in Zante with my horribly white bum!
    Love, Rachel x

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