Change is coming to my life

My growing up was marked by losing my Dad, he abandoned us, going through puberty, yuk, not being small and skinny; being 5' 9" 160 pounds, solid was the word used by my coach.

I played softball, pitcher, we went to State each year I was on the team. Along the way, in the 11th grade I started looking funny at my teammate Marlene. Funny, as in sizing her up, curious about her b****, her crotch. Dreaming about licking her deep. She was put off but she was resigned to her fate.

By the time summer came between our 11th and 12th grades, I had licked her inside, had laid my head between her b****, had asked her to get married. We weren't out, no one was out, but we all knew which girls on the team liked girls and it was a lot of us. We also learned that our coach liked girls, met her squeeze, and went on to win State in my senior year.

I'm 34, live alone next door to a Veteran who pushes the flag and everything American, doesn't approve of my chosen lifestyle, wants to teach me a lesson. About apple pie, the Red, White and Blue, and the road to motherhood. I made the decision to give him the chance to change me around, to get me to accept his heavy hand, to invade my body with his silly little thing, to release his hordes to hunt down my precious eggs.

I don't want to die never knowing what it is to be a man's object of desire, to feel what it is to be the female in a man's hands, to say yes sir, no sir, I'm getting your beer. Maybe I'm older, maybe I like him, maybe it's my time to settle down.

Jul 4

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  • My wife just lay there dead fish style when we had s**. We had 3 really great kids. But she clearly didn't like s** and in hindsight was simply playing the part of being a wife and mother. She divorced me 4 years ago which was for me both sad because I felt rejected but also a relief because the mariage was cold and lonely. She's now come out and has a new female partner.

  • Lol, fat

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