Weird fantasy for wife

Hi All
I don't know why but I have a fantasy of seeing my wife dancing with other guy in club and at the end of dance she is smooching the guy ...
During s** I also told my wife about this and she has agreed to it. She never had bf before marriage, so she tell me that will enjoy club once.. what's the harm in that.. all these thoughts excite me too much.. am I cuckold?

Jul 5

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  • I show my sexy wife cuckold p*** and tell her that she needs to be f***** with a big c***, and not my little p****, I asked her to sit on my face after f****** a huge fat c*** and call me tiny little p**** Sean, so when she comes home I ask if I can lick her p**** and ass and if she said yes, I know she is getting f***** with a massive fat c***

  • You will be watching her f***, soon enough. Now, if all do is watch, you're a cuckold. If you take turns on her or are both inside her at once (mouth and p****, etc.), you're a stag.

  • Is it normal fantasy? Any other husband have similar fantasy?

  • Lots of men are cuckolds and have no problems with it. A good friend of mine visited us quite often and used to sit with my wife on the settee. They soon started kissing and he was feeling her b****** and between her thighs. It made me feel very h****.
    I asked him if he'd like to sleep over and he did. He was in our guest bedroom, we were in our bedroom. I asked my wife if she was going to go to his room. She guiltily laughed and said no she couldn't. I said why not, you want to, he certainly wants you, and I want to go and have fun with him. I got her to put on her baby-doll nightdress. She asked me to pull the panties off, they were already wet. I pulled them down, and she steadied herself against me, my nose almost into her wet slit as I kissed it. She started to get agitated and said she couldn't do it. I ended up pushing her through our doorway and holding it shut. so she was forced to go to his room. Within minutes I heard them both moaning in pleasure and heard his ecstatic cries as he climaxed in her. He later serviced her a second time before she came back to our room. She got on top of me and knelt/squatted on my face. His c** ran into my mouth and she told me to swallow it, which I did. It was disgusting but I was too far gone to refuse. I had the best nights s** with her that I've ever had.
    She cuckolded me many times with him. We were all very happy with the relationship which went on for a year or so before he had to go overseas to work.

  • In college I dated a married girl for several months. Early on she told me her hubby knew all about it and wanted to watch. The idea turned me on so I agreed. She was a little vixen and put on a show for him sucking and f****** me until I was dry (5 times). I had him eat her out after every f*** and she loved it. Oh . . he loved it too.

  • Oh wow that’s so hot. I can’t even get my hubby to lick up his own mess.

    Ohhh. That makes me soooo WET just thinking about it

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