Want to be spanked by my aunt, but how can I approach her?

I am a male in my late teens still living at home with my family. Although we got spanked as kids and throughout our early teen years, mainly by our mom, the spankings stopped in our mid-teens or before. Now any discipline is usually done through yelling’s at, grounding or taking away cell or other privileges, whenever necessary. But as a guy I often fanaticized about getting spanked by my mom again or other women.

Recently one of my aunts move into our town from another area, after breaking up from a long relationship. She is my mom's younger sister and is in her thirties. She has been over to visit many times and even had long talks with me about my school and how I am doing, always offering helpful advice and support. She's also single and lives on her own with two small kids in our area. I find her attractive and somehow she just really turns me on!

Not long ago when I was visiting at her place one of the kids got into trouble big time, and after a good scolding, told him he was going to be spanked. She then grabbed a wooden spoon from the kitchen counter, took him into the hallway, pulled down his pants, held him firm between her legs, bent over and paddled his little bare bottom non-stop for several minutes straight. He was bawling his eyes out and begged for her to stop. I just stood there watching, in stunned disbelief!

After that day, all I could think about was I would love to spanked by her like that! I know she is a relative and I am not looking for s** or any kind of relationship. That would be wrong and destroy our family. But she just has this amazing body, is in great physical shape, and I can't help but think I would give anything to be spanked by her, hopefully on a regular basis!

Again, I am NOT wanting or looking for s** from her. Just a damn good spanking on the bare with the wooden spoon or her belt. Over her knee would be great, but I would settle for a stand-up position or over the couch or having me lay down on the bed. Is there anyone who could advise on how to get a conversation going with her on this?

Would she be open to it and, importantly, keep it secret from my family (and everyone else!). Obviously, it would have be done when her kids are not home or when I am alone at home, but that rarely happens with my family. The one damn time I was alone with her, talking about school and life in the living room, my stupid, nosey sister had to come join in. She's the one who should be spanked!

Seriously, is there anyone who can advise me on how best to approach this situation, or how to talk about the issue with her? We are close as aunt/nephew, and she has told me to text her or come over anytime if I need to talk.

I would be interested in any advice or comments from the perspective of either mothers/aunts out there, or from other guys or girls in their late teens or twenties with similar desires. Thanks for reading my story and serious advice only please.

Jul 5

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  • Thanks everyone for taking the time to read my post and especially to those who wrote comments to offer words of advice or support. I sincerely appreciate it. At this point I have decided to add a postscript to this story to provide more information about the relationship between my family and my aunt, and how I got to know her earlier on in my childhood.

    I did not provide these details earlier for sake of brevity, and to avoid any details that may help identify my family. This new information will help readers gain a better understanding of the relationship I have with my aunt, and my desire to be spanked by her. So with a deep breath, I’ll try my best to explain. Here is my story that talks my relationship with my aunt from my childhood.

    Over ten years ago, when I was around four years old, my aunt, in her early 20s, came and lived with my family for several years. My mom had health issues back then so my aunt came to help take care of us kids, including cooking, getting us ready for bed or school, and general help around the house.

    We called her auntie but she was of course just like a nanny or mom to us, though our mom was with us except during short hospital stays. Of course, when you spend that much time caring for kids, part of those responsibilities evolved to include discipline. She loved us, read to us, played with us and, yes, even spanked us when we needed it. She had full authority to do so whenever she deemed it appropriate.

    Of course, back then as a child I had no desires to get spankings, only to avoid them! But I do have memories. Vivid memories of me wondering into my older sisters room, where one or both were being spanked by her. My aunt would be sitting on the bed, take down their pants, pull them across her lap, and belt them. Of course, I had no idea what was even going on, that this was a spanking and meant to punish them.

    [continued in comment below]

  • [continued from above]

    As for me, I was bit young in the early years to get the belt but got spankings all the same. Usually she would take down my pants, put me over her knee, and spank me with her hand or a hairbrush. I also got the wooden spoon more than a few times! Then as I grew a few years older, things changed for me, and there’s one incident that sticks out.

    I had some problems in my early school years in getting myself ready on time in the morning. Sometimes I even missed my school bus, meaning she or my mom had to walk me to school, over twenty minutes in each direction. After repeated occurrences, they had a talk and warned me next time it happens, I will “get the belt”. Being around 7 or 8, I did not realize exactly what that meant since I had never even being spanked with a belt yet.

    Then it happened again. She told me what a bad boy I was for taking so long to get ready and missing the bus, and reminded me about my warning and consequences. I was in my room not even half dressed, and still had to get ready to leave, with heavy, poring rain outside! I’d have to stay home and go to school after lunch with the bus then, she told me. I watched nervously as she took off her belt.

    She sat down on my bed, pulled my pants down, and put me over her lap and told me to be still. I remember staying there for a few moments as she tried to position me and get her belt ready. I knew it was some sort of spanking but did not know what was happening or why was I left dangling. Again, she told me to stay still and stop moving.

    After a few moments of nothing, (thinking it was over!), I suddenly heard a loud cracking sound as the belt slapped my bare bottom, and this incredible, intense sting I felt immediately after! I then screamed out crying, holding on to my stinging bottom.

    It is these memories of watching my sisters getting spanked bare, and my own spankings from her, that stay in my mind. I just want to be spanked by her like that again, everyday!

  • Not sure if this helps, but there are these shirts you can buy online like

    “SPANK ME !!!”

    or “I WANT TO BE SPANKED !!”


    or you can save money and just make your own.....it’s worth a try!

  • P.S. if you get one of these shirts, just wear it next time you are over there and hanging out. Wear it underneath a sweatshirt, then after dinner when you are alone together and talking. take off your sweatshirt and show off you nice shirt. At least you might get a nice laugh from her🤣 ......or even a real spanking!😢

  • Hi teenboy. just reading through your postscript story about your childhood memories with your aunt.

    What do you have to complain about? You should consider yourself so lucky to be spanked like that by her. Seems like you got enough spankings to last you a lifetime! Sounds to me like your aunt and mom were either really strict as parents , or you were a mischievous, naughty little boy who deserved to be spanked three times a day!

    Just curious. You don’t have to answer this, but when you got spanked for missing the school bus how many strokes with the belt did you get, and did you ever get the belt from her again? You left out all the interesting details!🤣

    Hope you get what you are looking for!

  • Interesting to hear all these other details about your childhood and how your aunt was almost like a nanny to you, and now you get to see her, both of you older, as a young hot woman!

    I have to say she sounds like quite the disciplinarian when you describe the spankings you and your sisters got from her! But your childhood history with her, and how close she is to you, your mom, and family, I suspect it will even more difficult to take things in another direction.

    Right now, with her living close by all you get is frequent, brief interactions that make it difficult for anything to happen. Too bad she isn’t living far away or in another city, then at least you could go and spend a week with her or something.

    This would put you in a position where once again she is responsible for your care, and you would have to answer to her, giving more opportunity to engage in deep conversations or even get into trouble with her again!

    The best you can hope for is your family goes on vacation, you stay behind, and your aunt will take charge of you again. Or leave her kids with your family, and take a trip with her somewhere…..

  • Thanks so much again for your advice yanik! yeah, I know what you mean about these frequent, short conversations that never really go anywhere. I keep wishing she was living away so I could go visit and spend some quality time with her.

  • @teenboy you gave me an idea with my earlier comment and your reply so I decided to register on this site with the handle JustForLaughs🤣 This will be easier when posting comments.

    Here is another approach you can try with her. Just For Laughs 🤣🤣🤣

    is her birthday coming up soon? depending on her fashion style and clothes she wears, buy her a really nice leather belt that could also work as a nice spanking belt. If you are not careful and don’t watch your behavior, she may just use it on you one day! 🤣

  • Thanks @Justforlaughs! You certainly come up with some good ideas for a laugh. Even though it won't work you really made my day!!!

  • Teenboy,

    I am happy that you decided to write a P.S. to this story, which paints a much clearer picture of your relationship with your aunt and why you feel the way you do.

    I fully realize why you wanted to limit details at the beginning to help conceal your identity, but this additional information helps understand how your thoughts and feelings toward her are largely influenced by your childhood years.

    Your early childhood memories of your aunt, including being spanked and watching your sisters being spanked by her, are really what seems to be driving your desire to have some kind of ‘spanking relationship’ with her. I believe what you wanted was not so much to be spanked, but to be spanked by her.

    In other words, the emphasis here is on your aunt, and more importantly, your childhood experiences with her, especially when it comes to spanking. As stated in my earlier comment, I am a therapist and in my professional opinion these intimate experiences with her in your childhood years, meaning the spanking, are now meshing with other feelings you have now as a young man.

    The desire for s**, intimacy, to be with someone who is close to you, or someone who loves and understands you. Your aunt fits that description, according to the information you provided. She appears to be relatively young, attractive, cares deeply about you (as a family member), and she spanks!

    Whether you care to admit it or not, this story is full of sexual connotations. You were spanked on the bare, you saw your sisters being spanked bare, you think she’s hot, and she turns you on. And now you want to be spanked by her again as an adult.

    Spanking can induce sexual desires, and even though you certainly did not have those desires as a child when you were being spanked by her, you do now.

    It is these memories that are creating that desire to be spanked by your aunt again, memories brought back to life when you saw her spanking her own child with a wooden spoon.

  • Thanks for your feedback and support. I am still trying to deal with all these emotions and thoughts I have and figure everything out. Your assessment really helps me understand the situation better, but I will have to read it through again a few times to try and make sense of everything. Thanks so much for your help!

  • Teenboy, sorry I ran out of space and was cut off in my comment above! This was my initial assessment of the situation, I will write more soon….. In the meantime, please be careful when reading through the comments on this page, and think carefully before taking any action! take care, nayla

  • What a load of crap in the comments... Dont do a damn thing. Have some self respect and keep it in the realm of Fantasy Only. You will only ruin her life and yours.

  • I am a submissive m********. My wife, was kind of disgusted when I let on to her about my fetish. She did indulge me by spanking and paddling me. Not on the bare she did not want to hurt or damage me. Over time though she did warm to whipping me and being dominant and even sadistic although she would always make comments like this is what you wanted. One of the outcomes was really improved communication. Talking about what excited each of us and what we were concerned about an so on. In these discussions I was able to talk about my submissive side and that included that when these kinky activities were happening, I did not want to be asked. I wanted to be told. The next thing was that I know that in the BDSM world the concept of a safe word is important. For my wife, me calling out for her to stop was enough to make her stop. She is right into the idea that no means no. Also she would stop if I screamed. Even though I would fantasize about her whipping me so hard that I was screaming and begging her to stop. But in reality I would never be able to hold position and would jump up and beg her to stop.

    We decided that she would indulge me but knew of these weaknesses of mine so we bought a ball gag so I could scream into it and she would not hear it so loud or so clear and she would tie me to the bed. By this time she was OK seeing the physical damage, the welts and bruising because she knew that it healed and I had asked for it.

    Let me tell you how it went recently, One evening at dinner the kids said they had been invited to a sleepover at a friends house the coming weekend . We agreed they could go. That night, in bed she said this weekend we will take to opportunity to really give me what I want. The rest of the week I was both super apprehensive and excited and alert all at the same time.

  • Friday and after school the kids are packed in the car and dropped over and we stay and chat to the people. I am kind of unfocussed. Not knowing what will happen and not asking because that does not work for me. The other couple joke about us having time to have fun while the kids are away. They have no idea.

    We are just inside our door back home and my wife says strip. I start to walk to the bedroom and she says Strip right here. I go to make some excuse about something and she says silence. Don't talk. Don't say anything or make a sound unless I (her) tell you to. Don't even ask permission to speak. Not long and I am nude. I had a beer at the friends house and I need to pee but I can't ask. I am not going to enjoy this. It's not how I imagined it. She says to put my clothes in the laundry and go tie the ropes to the corner of the bed. I start to say I need to pee and she immediately yells 'be silent'. I go along with it.

  • I tie the ropes to corner casters of the ensemble like I have done before. I pull the bed out from the wall. There are two upside down L shape wooden brackets that go at the top corners where my arms will b so I can be pulled tight with arms and legs apart. I stand and wait for further instructions. She comes in and and hands me a plastic bag and tells me to get ready. I put some lube in it and tear a hole in it put it over my half erect p**** pushing my b**** through the hole. I found that this makes for a way better o***** than just wearing a condom and the hole for the b**** stops it coming off. I lie down spread eagle and she ties my ankles and wrists stretching me. Then she says do I consent to anything she does no matter how painful or damaging and for an instant I am jerked out of my submissive clout to stammer a yes. That was my final moment to pull out and If I hadn't consented, she would have untied me and that would have been the end. Then she straddles me and I open my mouth and the ball gag is put in and buckled behind my head. She is just wearing jeans and a blouse. I would like something sexy but we've that is not my choice.

  • It starts. She chooses implements from my collection. Paddles, belts, whips and by far the most painful is simply a doubled over electrical flex. I am struggling. each lash causes me to bite and scream into the ball gag. I writhe about on the bed. She stops and puts her hand round my hips and fees my placid p****. She whispers in my ear that she thought I liked this. She puts her hand around and moves the slippery plastic up and down and I start to get hard. She whispers get hard because I am going to whip you again but you are not to c** until I give permission. The word and touch help me and I get hard and this alleviates the need to pee. She takes her hand way and I keep moving my hips edging myself. Suddenly I feel the electrical flex whip across my bum. It's so panful. I keep moving though. Then another few then suddenly something new. One leg only and right up high between my legs it's insane I scream into the gag and bite hard. The pain distracts me and I stop edging. She tells me stay hard keep moving and the next thing, she's moved to the other side of the bed and again a insanely painful lash between my legs right up high on the inner skin. Then more. She gives a few on one side then back to the other and a few there. I have lost count. Some go across both buttocks. Then as she is whipping she says climax yourself and starts to whip hard and fast. I am rubbing and trying but it's too hard. She stops and says if you don't c** now then you will be abstaining for month and starts whipping again. F*** f*** I cant take it and suddenly I manage it and my o***** explodes. I don't know if she knows. She probably does. She's a woman and they are so astute.

  • Here is a more serious approach you may want to try, which may in fact work. Forget about asking or begging her to spank you, it won’t work. The trick here, of course, is to get her to want to spank you without you even asking her, at least not in actual words or sentences.

    Here’s how. First, think about a recent incident at home where your parents needed to discipline you through usual means as you described, such as taking away your cell, grounding etc. Be prepared to talk about this with her at a later point when the opportunity arises.

    Second, get yourself in a situation where you can have a nice, long conversation with her, such as spending a Friday night after maybe babysitting, as suggested in other comments on this page. You want a situation where she feels she can maybe stay up, talk without worrying about kids or having to get up early. In other words, a more relaxed conversation without the usual time constraints or distractions.

    Third, move beyond the small talk to how things are going in your life. Bring up the incident you planned earlier on to talk about with her. Tell her how you are struggling in school, grades falling, and how you got into hot water with your parents. Let her see you are having problems and you are in big trouble for it, and rightfully so.

    Fourth, talk about how you are being treated unfairly. Talk about how you used to even get spanked before, that discipline is old fashioned, you don’t believe in it, and does not work.

    As a mom who disciplines, as per your story, this will make her defensive and angry! She will also resent you criticizing your parents, (her own sister of course), and upset by your carefree, typical teenage attitude, and realize you need more discipline in your life, not less.

    [continued in next comment below...]

  • [...continued from comment above]

    As the inevitable argument with her over discipline grows, she will get more frustrated and may want to even discipline you herself. She may even say something like, “you’re damn lucky you’re not my son or I’d take you over my knee and...”, or something similar to that effect.

    Now you interject and say something like “yeah right. You’re old fashioned just like my parents. You might be able to spank smaller kids like yours, but you can’t spank someone my age. That’s so yesterday! A little belt spanking wouldn’t work on me anyway! I’m too old for that! Besides, the last time my mom spanked me with the belt I hardly even felt it.”

    Start laughing and make light of the whole concept of spanking. Now you not only making her angry, you are effectively daring her, without explicitly implying it. She will not only want to prove you wrong, but may even want to teach you a damn good lesson herself.

    Although given your age, you will probably be given a few verbal warnings first to watch it. Laugh off the warnings! Egg her on, saying the belt doesn't even hurt...

    Remember, parents, or aunts, who believe in traditional forms of family discipline DO NOT like to be told it doesn’t work or that you are too old for that or they wouldn’t dare. She would dare and you are not too big or too old. And as you aunt she likely has the authority, or at least your parents blessing, to spank you as she sees fit.

    I could not imagine your parents being upset that she would spank you after criticizing them so much. Given your description of her, being young, healthy, in good shape, I imagine she could wield a belt or wooden spoon very well.

    And finally, remember discipline is done out of love and she really cares for you, even if she does have to remove her belt, take down your pants, and toss you over her knee for good session you won’t forget. Ever! Done out of love, of course.

    Hope this works. Keep us posted!

  • Hi nakita. thanks so much for your feedback and ideas. I will think about this approach, but not sure if I have the courage to challenge her authority like that, and then get an even bigger spanking than I wanted or can handle! Knowing her, she probably would teach me a lesson I would never forget.

  • Just for Laughs 🤣🤣🤣Here is an idea that just might work.

    Get alone with her at her place, or after kids have gone to sleep, have some wine with her. Then try and seduce her. If she goes along, great! More likely, she will get angry, rip down your pants, grab the wooden spoon and . . .

    Either way, you get lucky!

  • Thanks for the advice, but I don't think I want her to spank me when she is angry. I want my bottom to be like, maybe RED... not BLUE! I wouldn't be able to sit down for the rest of my life......😢 Still, good for Just for Laughs!!!

  • You are her nephew, and she is your aunt. so it is her moral duty and her right to discipline you. Spend some more time with her, tell her about those bad grades at school, how your parents keep telling you off for coming home late or not doing housework..... Sooner or later, you will get it from her!

  • I hope so, but prefer sooner rather than later......

  • Sorry if this comment appears twice. Posted earlier and it just disappeared

    Sounds like you have a really hot aunt. You are so lucky! There is something you may want to try. If you get the chance to be alone with her, talk to her about school, how classes are going, etc.

    Then tell her you have to take this s**-ed class, and that everyone has to read the stupid 50 Shades of Gray book, or watch the movie. Ask her if she has seen the film and what she thinks of it.

    Ask her if she will watch it with you one evening. If she agrees, then the evening you are going to watch it, before you settle down on the couch, conveniently place a nice spanking belt and hairbrush on a nearby table.

    While watching, laugh out loud during the spanking scenes, like “HAHA...she deserves it!” “You want to watch that scene again? I thought it was so funny!” She will get really angry with you, see the belt lying there, and...

    Hopefully the room will be dark and you can pull down your pants and boxers first – or if she’s really mad she may even do it for you! Good luck!

  • AWESOME! I love it. Never thought about bringing up s**-ed class into the conversation and see where things go from there. I also love the idea of 50 Shades of Gray. These ideas should get her mind going in the right direction!

  • Wow 😃 nice to have an aunt like that! Lucky kids! Imagine getting spanked like that! I'm sure her little boy did not enjoy that spanking though!!!

    I read through some of these comments here and looks like you have got some good ideas about how to go about this. Here is another idea. Remember the tried old game of Truth or Dare? If you get the chance to spend the night there after babysitting or something like that, stay up talking for awhile, like the guy advised in the comment below, ask her if she wants to play the game.

    Hopefully she will say dare, and you have your chance! Dare her to put you over her knee, take her hairbrush and..........!

  • Truth or dare... I like that! what if she says truth?

  • Dear ‘teenboy’,

    Thank you for expressing yourself and your desires so well. I admire your honesty, sincerity and, above all, respect you have for her, for not wanting to harm your aunt, or your relationship between you, your aunt, and family.

    It takes courage to come out and state your feelings like that, since there is always the possibility that your aunt or someone in your family could be on this site and view the post. I could even be your aunt, for all you know. But I am NOT! I am a therapist by profession and I want to help you deal with your emotions and feelings regarding your desire to be spanked by her.

    The desire to be spanked is normal among men and women. However, the desire to be spanked by your aunt in particular is not, and may not be healthy for you or your relationship with your aunt. What Yanik said below is right: be careful as you do not know where this may lead.

    Many incest relationships, or desire for s** among relatives, start off with harmless activities like spanking, since spanking stimulates a desire for s** with your spanker.

    However, I will try and help you navigate your thoughts here and advise you the best I can on how to proceed, as the choice is up to you in the end. There is one thing I want to clear up, however. I read through your story several times, but why the desire to be spanked by her?

    Again, I understand the desire to be spanked, buy why is this more a story about her than about getting spanked?

    My professional instinct tells me there is an aspect or dimension to this you are not sharing or have not shared yet. I know you want to be careful about details to hide your identity and protect your aunt and family, but I believe something happened in the past between you and her that you have not revealed, and would explain your desire to be spanked by her.

    I will try my best to give advice, but please be honest and share anything else you can that might help paint a clearer picture of your feelings toward her.

  • Hi Nayla, thank you so much for taking the time to read though my post and trying to understand my thoughts and the situation. This means a lot to me that you cared enough to respond. As a therapist, I value you opinion.

    I have to say, you certainly have good instincts, and you are right! There are some details about our past relationship I left out that would have some bearing on this situation. I left it out for sake of brevity but also I was worried if my aunt or other family members ever saw this post!

    After thinking about it, I realize it doesn't matter anyway as anyone from my family who reads this will know it's about me anyway! I will post an addendum to this story soon, so please visit back again as I need your advice! Thanks!

  • Thanks! looking forward to seeing your next post. take your time and don't feel the need to talk about anything you are not comfortable with. I just simply want to better understand what is driving this desire you have to be spanked by her

  • I have an idea that might work here, but there are NO GUARANTEES as this is an entirely different situation.

    When I was in college we were playing a card game in campus res between a small group of friends, guys and girls. The winner gets to spank the loser with a spanking paddle, over their clothes. The amount of swats depended on the points you have or lost.

    I ended up being a loser in more ways than one! This girl got to give me seven swats and my ass was sore all week. I actually had to skip classes the next day because there was no way I could sit down on the hardwood chairs we had in the classrooms. I had no idea she could spank so hard. I knew her well but man could she ever swing that paddle!

    My girlfriend always used to tell me: be careful what you wish for! Well, like you, I wanted the spanking, and lost the game on purpose. But did I ever regret it. The first swat stung really bad, by the time we got to around swat number 4 I was begging for her to stop.

    She let me go after five swats, but as per the rules the loser has to go over the knee of the spanker next morning for a hand spanking (over the clothes). This kills when your ass is already red hot! I went across her lap and got fifty spankings on my bottom, 25 on each side alternating.

    Believe me, the sexual fantasy of being spanked by my hot female friend evaporated real fast when I got the actual spanking. It really stings and the tears were real. After that, I never had any more desire to be spanked again by anyone.

    So, I wish you luck and hope you get what you want from your aunt, but remember, like my girlfriend always says, “be careful what you wish for!”

  • Thanks for the comments campus guy! hey, that paddle girl has me thinking twice now!!! I bet that really hurt! I like the game idea where loser gets spanked, something to think about! are you serious though, no more desire to be spanked by women? Maybe a good paddle spanking like that would cure what ails me.

  • Trust me. if you get the paddle, you will never want to be spanked again

  • Hi, just made this comment yesterday about the campus card games where loser gets spanked! I realize I forget to explain what I was trying to get at here. What I mean is one approach is to play a card game where you say if I lose, you get to spank me, in a humorous way, obviously trying to make light of the situation. If she loses, she makes you dinner. hope this helps. Good luck!

  • First of all, let me say you are a damned lucky guy to be in a position like that! I’m in my forties and all my aunts are old, not anyone you would think of wanting to be spanked by or even maybe even get lucky with! (although you’re right, that would be wrong!). Like most guys, I can’t help where my mind wonders, and that’s why you have to be really careful here. One thought can lead to the next.

    I get it. I have those fantasies too, though as stated, not with relatives! Just other women like friends, co-workers. But you have to be really careful here about where something like this can go. There is one approach, however, you may want to consider here. Let’s start with her kids. She’s a single mom. Taking care of kids is difficult, so any help or support would be great.

    Seriously, try and start bonding with the kids, spending time with them, taking them to the park or other activities, depending on age, interests. She’ll love you for that and want you to spend more time at her place. Within weeks of bonding, the kids will want you to spend nights there to maybe watch movies with them, or you can babysit for an evening then stay the night.

    If she gets used to you spending the night after a few times, she may start wearing chemise around the house or just wearing a towel after coming out of the shower! The goal is to get her feeling comfortable with you around the house as if you are just family. Then after the kids go to sleep you two can stay up talking while she dries her hair or relaxes in her PJ’s.

    Gradually, build a comfort level with her so she is fine having you around the house or spending the night occasionally, and build your relationship though deep conversations about life. Once you got that comfort level, you can talk about (almost!) anything.

    Remember, the goal for now is just to build relationship and trust! Good luck! If you have any questions, leave a comment/reply. Please proceed with CAUTION!

  • @yanik thank you so much for your comment and advice.

    I do get along well with her kids but getting closer to them to spend more time with her or spend the night at her place after babysitting is a damn good idea, as is building up a comfort level. I would love to see her in chemise! She has legs a guy would kill for, as I have seen her often wearing a dress. And when she sits wearing a dress.... Damn, you should see her legs! I think if I saw her in short PJs or chemise at her place I would just grab a belt and beg to go over her knee right then! I just can't control myself!!!

    Thanks again and check back in soon as I will post more info soon...

  • What are you, some kind of professional dater? Man, you should give classes on how to pick up women like single moms! I love the advice! (I just posted the comment above about the games on campus. Wish you could advise me on how to get lucky girls on campus! thx yanik

  • Never take dating advice from women dude. No women is wired to give away the cheat codes to her cookies. It's like a man telling women how to get into a man's wallet, why would he advertise that?

    Ignore that poster. I'll tell you what to do. Next time you guys are alone just make some "sarcastic" joke about how she needs to spank you like she did her son. Bring it up casually in a conversation. Like, "With how my grades are recently, the only way they'd get better is if you'd spank me like you spanked him" or something stupid like that and just laugh. Women are not dumb about these things. If she is feeling you she'll get the message and she'll laugh and either then or later "indirectly" approach the idea jokingly like you did and you can "indirectly" accept.

    With things of a sexual nature, it often helps to give women a scapegoat that as to what they are doing is not in fact sexual. "Oh man I just need a spanking haha". If she isn't into it, she isn't. If she is she'll see the door that's open. And if she decides to step through, she won't feel like a s*** since the truth is "I want you to spank me because it turns me on." That sort of direct approach would only really work if the juices were already flowing and the mood is right.

  • Thanks for the advice! You are right, taking a humorous approach may work, but if it doesn't it may be impossible to try again. I'll certainly give it some thought...

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