Smoking Parents

We have two, almost three children. Our, still, youngest has just turned 5 and the eldest is almost 7. Number three is on the way. They grow up absolutely sheltered - but they are heavy passive smokers. Her mom and I definitely smoke between 3-4 packs together (Together! Not everyone). Because the apartment is quite small, we always smoke in front of and around the boys. It doesn't bother the two kids, but they don't love it either. They're just used to it - the little ones don't know any different that almost always one of their parents smokes, in the car, in the apartment, in the bathroom (it doesn't matter). Just like the eldest, our youngest now sees smoking being done during pregnancy - and apart from a bit of a cough, both boys are perfectly healthy

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  • It’s not good man

  • I hope you are ready for an onslaught of negative comments, but not from me. Your family situation is just like mine. We have two kids about same ages as yours. My wife and I both smoke 2 packs a day, so our kids are exposed too. They are perfectly fine. My wife isn't pregnant, but she did smoke through each pregnancy without any problems at all. I fully expect our kids to start smoking at some point when they're older, and we OK with that, if that's what they chose to do.

  • I am surprised about so less negative comments on that post. We are similar parents. The coughing from your kidss will be more trust me - but nothing else ;)

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