Barcelona dreaming

Last week I had a completely unplanned fourway sexual encounter with my girlfriend. We went out to a friend’s parent’s villa just outside of Barcelona. Me, my long term girlfriend Lucy and two other couples our age. When we arrived on the Saturday the two girls were out shopping. So Lucy decided to sunbathe while me and the boys went out for a bike ride. It was hot. After a short but sweaty ride we couldn’t wait to jump in the pool to cool off. As we walked into the garden Lucy was lying there topless soaking up the sun. She didn’t seem to flinch when she realised we were back. I felt weird about her being naked in front of my mates but it was also kinda hot. We went in side and put the tennis on the tv. She came inside — still topless snuggled into me. I felt super h****. Our eyes were all glued to the screen so I secretly slid my hand over Lucy bikini bottoms and slowly rubbed her p****. It felt so hot touching her without the guys knowing. She started moving her hips as I touched her - I could tell she was h****. She threw her head back and started to breathe deeper, not seeming to care if they heard. One of them turned over so I stopped suddenly. But as soon as he turned back around Lucy started touching herself. She let out a little moan and they both turned around. She had her head thrown back but she knew they were watching. She lifted her hand and tucked it inside her bikini bottoms and really started fingering herself. My heart was pounding now. I felt jealous and h**** all at the same time. After a minute she pulled her bikini to one side and exposed her bare naked p**** to us all.

I whispered that I wanted to take her into the bedroom. She whispered back that she wanted the guys to come too. So we awkwardly followed her into our bedroom. She pulled me close and kissed me passionately grabbing my hard c*** through my shorts. She then pulled away and grabbed one of the other guys and kissed him. Until now they had been lingering and watching awkwardly but after that moment they both hurriedly got undressed. Over the next 45 mins we all took it in turns to f*** her bareback. Seeing her scream with pleasure as other men impaled her and used her body for pleasure was the hottest thing I’ve experienced.

28 days

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