Still not sur why I did it.

Last weekend my husband and I were out for the evening with his brother, I drank a little too much Gin which has always been a bit of a social lubricant for me if you catch my drift and I ended up in bed with my husband and his brother...Yeah WTF!!!!
Some laughing and joking and then my husband convinced me to look at his brothers d***, His brother stood in front of me and dropped his pants, I looked at my husband and said "Really?", He said "Go for it" and next thing I knew I had his d*** in my mouth, My clothes came off...Well everyone's clothes came off and my husband and his brother "tag teamed me", No I wasn't duped or drugged, It happened, I could have said no but didn't, It's kinda weird they were ok being that close and their d**** definitely touched a few times like when I was riding his brother and my husband tried shoving his d*** in me as well, I was like "F no" so he stuck it in my butt which has only happened 3 times before.
His brother came inside me once and in my mouth once, My husband inside me once. So...Yeah, I am needless to say embarrassed and never want to leave my bedroom again or see my husband or his brother but they are pretty close and he is over here all the time so I doubt this was the last time.

25 days

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