She was mine first.

My brother has been banging my best friend for a little over a year, I couldn't care less and it's not like they are BF/GF or anything, It's just random hookups.
Last night me and her were laying in my room on my bed and she brought up girl/girl stuff because a girl she is somehow related to (Second cousins or something) told her she was switching teams and told her it was super amazing with another girl yada, yada, Yada and as the conversation progressed it turned into her trying to convince me that we should try it.
I am usually up for almost anything so I thought it over and said "OK, Let's start with a shower and just see what happens", She jumped out of bed, ripped off her clothes, Kicked down my bathroom door and....Ok, Ok not quite but she was a little more excited about than I was, I was more....Nervous but we carried on, Got undressed and got in the tub, We hugged and kissed and lathered each other up and it gradually progressed to me with my hands on the wall and leaning forward with her on her knees behind me, I still haven't figured out how she ha her hands positioned but she had her thumb rubbing my butt hole, Her tongue on my p**** and her other hand rubbing my c*** and fingering me.
The whole situation was a couple too many sensations happening at one time and I couldn't focus on any one thing she was doing plus she was leaning into me as I tried to stand so I stood up, Turned around and got her to turn her back to me, I laid her down and knelt over her face and then leaned down myself so we were in the good old fashioned 6-9 ad it was nothing short of AMAZING...Yup, I am 100% BI now, Absolutely going to do it again, I turned on the faucet and she knew exactly what I was up to, She slid down, feet and legs on the wall, Warm water running straight down on her c***, I sat up and had my hands on the side of the tub more so sitting on her face, Playing with her nips, She was holding my hips, I rubbed her c*** a bit but mostly let the water do the work.
I started to come and come and come and had to finally slide back behind her head because she was so into it that she just kept going even after I came But I slid back and had her head between my knees and rolled her nips between my fingers as she started moaning and curling her toes and then she came holding my biceps and kicking the shower wall thrusting her hips toward the faucet and then with her legs twitching hard she pushed herself forward away from the stream of water.
I lifted her head onto my lap and looked down at her as she looked up at me, Neither of us said a word for about a minute and just looked at each other catching our breath and then she said "Oh...My...Gawd...That was the best thing ever", I giggled and nodded my head. She sat up and turned to face me, Looked over my shoulder and let out a blood curdling scream, I almost had a heart attack and we both scrambled to the one end of the tub, I have a big bruise on my back from the faucet and we both stopped and stared in shock. My brother was sitting on the toilet just looking at us, I said "What the f*** Marcus????" He just shook his head and said "Really Kelsey (My friend)...You're doing both of us?", Kelsey started to stutter and I said "Kelsey stop, It's none of his business, Marcus get the f*** out".
He got up and left and now he is p***** that me and her hooked up, I had a huge fight with him and he called us every name there is Dykes, Lesbos, Whores, S****, you name it he threw it out there and Kelsey just sat there sobbing, I told him it was our first time and he gave Kelsey and ultimatum, He told her "Either you keep dyking out with Sam or you can be with me but you can't have both" which I am glad he did because I am not sharing with my brother....Gag...Kelsey looked at him, Looked at me and I said "Don't worry, I'm not going to be mad either way", She said "Marcus, I never wanted to date you, It was just...For fun" and he got up and walked out.
See ya.
So me and her spent the day in my room hiding....And snuggling.

Jul 19

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  • She's a cheating b**** plain and simple. Seduced you and you fell for it.

  • So she’s just like you? Wow!

  • So, she was never 'yours' first. You were friends only, never had a sexual relationship with her. Your brother however was, and clearly they had more going on that she's told you. Now, she's cheated on him with you. You have no leg to stand on, and she's played you very nicely.

    It's only a matter of time until you find out she's also banging other people behind your back. Enjoy!

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