Out of tragedy I came back whole to live my life

14 when I fell off the back of a pick up, hit my face against the pavement, broke everything. I was aware of everything going around me, just not aware that my face was gone. This doc, a really young woman argued with the older in charge doc. Let me try she said. I went to the operating room, 14 hours she worked on my face, the pictures tell the story. Tiny screws, little metal hinges, one at a time she rebuilt my face, using a picture my mother gave her as a guide.

I'm 33, married with children, my face is almost perfect, my eyes square on, my chin a carbon copy of my 14 year old picture, no scars to be seen. That doc, overriding her boss as I lay there hearing everything, gave me my face back. Of course I'm a plastic surgeon nurse, I show the before and after pictures of my face when I need to encourage a young girl, or boy, to give the doc a chance.

Docs are special people, I know. I worship the ground they walk on. My hero is out there, an experienced trauma surgeon. You don't want to meet her, but if you need her you better pray you are in her hands.

Next Confession

My sister in law.

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