Wife's partner

My wife's partner had to spend the weekend at our house because they had a show early in the morning all weekend. Friday she came in about 10 and I was in my shorts ready for bed I caught her glancing at my package and it excited me. I thought I would give her a show. I waited till my wife was asleep and I turned off her alarm clock. I then grabbed my blanket and slept on the couch in the keeping room right next to the kitchen when I heard the shower turn on I began masturbating. My c*** was rock hard when I heard her partner start to walk down the stairs. I pulled back my shirt and let the end of my c*** stick out of my underwear. I pulled the blanket off me and completely exposed my large c***. I then pretended I was asleep. As she stepped off the last step she looked down at me and my I phone was in the corner recording everything. She was startled at first then stole a glance then walked over to the coffee pot and started to make coffee. She poured me a cup then walked over to the couch. She crouched down placing the coffee cup on the coffee table and rubbed my shoulder then said its time for your wife to be up but she overslept.
As I sat up more of my c*** became exposed and only after a few more glances did I pull my blanket onto my lap. I wrapped my blanket around me and walked into my room. I knew she would be thinking about me all day at the show this time I would give her more. So they get in late again and I am in short shorts again. I see her catching glimpses at my c***. That night again when my wife falls a sleep I turn her alarm clock off . I open the double doors to our bedroom. I hear the shower turn on and I begin to m********* I hear her comedown the steps and go make coffee. I pull the sheet away from my c*** and lay there completely nude. After a while she peaks her head in seeing my wife asleep and me with a huge erection. She calls to my wife quietly from the door but my wife doesn't stir. She was to walk into the room and shake my wife to get her up. I fake a groan and roll over covering myself before my wife is any the wiser. I again slip into my shorts but this time I am hard as a rock. I ask her if she needs any help while my wife slips into the shower. She has me carry a few bags to the car she is In front of me and slips into the front seat of the car. I drop the bags in the back seat and while she is turning the heat on with the door open. I grab the scrapper and begin scraping the ice off the windshield. I am still hard when I step on the inside of the car to scrape the middle of the ice, I know my erect c*** is close to her face while I scrape vigorously at the ice my c*** swings back in forth in my shorts. That's when I feel her hand rub the outline of my c***. I feel her reach into my shorts from the leg and tugged hard. But just as quick as she starts it stops. She must have heard my wife in the kitchen. I grab the news paper and covering my erection I walk into the kitchen. I sit across from Karen and as she is sitting there I make an obvious move to adjust myself. Karen catches the clue and drops her napkin she bends down to see my fully hardened c*** across from her.as she is lifting her head she gives me a wink and a smile.

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  • Don't cheat on your wife bro...

  • Oh yeah...that chick is down to f***, let us know how it goes

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