It saved me

I am a 48 year old widow. My husband passed away a year ago. Since then I have been severely depressed and isolated myself from family and friends. I felt like my life was over. Luckily I had the virus thing to use as an excuse to keep people at a distance.
I am not going to glamorize this or turn it into a hot story where I turned into a s** maniac during the incident.
I refuse to call this a rape. A more accurate description would probably be "molested". I did not fight back, did not say no and did not say stop.
I had let my yard and gardens go to h***. I answered a craigslist ad for yard work. On the agreed day two boys arrived at the house. They were barely over 20 maybe. They worked for a couple of hours then I heard a knock at the back door. They asked to fill their cooler with water. I asked them to come in and even offered to fix them a sandwich and drink.
We walked in the kitchen and as I turned my attention to the fridge I felt hands on my ass. I froze and stood perfectly still as he groped me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me over to the kitchen table. He pushed me face down on the table and pulled my shorts and panties down around my ankles. It was so strange, I just laid there saying nothing and not moving. It was kind of like one of those dreams you have where you can't move. He pulled his pants down and pushed inside me. When he was finished the other boy immediately took his place. I remember being kind of numb, not really feeling anything. No pain or pleasure. When he finished and pulled his pants up I got off the table and put my panties and shorts back on. Without saying a word I actually walked back over to the fridge. I made them drinks and sandwiches as they sat at the table. Eventually they went back outside and finished the yard. They again came to the door and as I paid them they asked if I needed them back. I politely said no and they left.
I showered and washed their s**** out of me. I couldn't sleep that night and thought about what happened, but more so how I reacted to it.
The next day I found myself feeling like actually doing something. Outside my home! I called a friend and had lunch at a restaurant. For the last month I have settled back into a normal life. I see family, friends and participate in recreational activities. I am even thinking about getting back into dating.
No matter what we call the incident it kick started my life again and i don't regret it.

24 days

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  • Invite them over again every weekend

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