Bi sexual thoughts

Wow. How to even start I’ve had my experiences growing up in sleep overs,
Jerking and sucking my cousins thick c***
But as a adult I been catching my self fantasizing about a big thick c*** I been watching big c**** rather then the norm p***
I just want to feel the c*** and stroke it suck it , I’ve had gay encounters in the past but nothing satisfying, except a man ate and spread my ass with his tongue for the first time ever when I was 20 , i really just want to get it out my system I been craving a big thick c*** that my hand can squeeze and j*** it up and down and suck it
I been turned on by tall muscular man
White and a my deepest sexual desire is a big strong black man who I can just feel his strong body his strong arms around me
I’ve been secretly using the wife’s d**** in the shower it’s a 12 inch I suck it and pop my ass out and say to my self Im sucking on a big strong man , I want C*** !

20 days

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  • Iv never wanted any arms around me or my butt touched yet all my life iv had this battle with myself never to do it again.I hide it well but now and again i end up with some 18 or 19 year old thrusting in and out of my mouth,I know there looking down trying to judge how much i want it and i all ways run my fingers and lips down the full length without rushing them to come.Then i go back to married life for a few years as if it never happened.Of course i avoid s** with my unsuspecting wife until a little private clinic confirms iv caught nothing.

  • I am too.

  • You're both idiots

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