i'm a sluttt. i can't be with one person becuz i enjoyy flirting and making out with everyone way too much. i cheated on the girl i've beeeen dieing to be with for the past few monthsss. and i'm never going to tell herr. i don't deserve her.

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  • My 18yo daughter is a s***. Many girls go through a s*** phase. Maybe to rebel. I think she wants me to tell her off for wearing skimpy slutty clothes. When she dresses slutty to go out I make comments like that she looks really hot and make sure you make the boys wear protection. There is this young guy that comes over for tutoring. I say to her why not let him f*** her. She gets all angry with me when I say that. See some of us don't see a problem with being a s***. It's fun, hot and sexy.

  • If you honestly believe you can be faithful to this girl and never cheat again, then don't tell her. If you want to be single, then be single.

    It's fine to date and flirt and all that, but it sounds like you might have a fear of committment, which makes you ruin it even when you've found something great. Try a little self analyzing to figure out why that might be. You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself

  • whyyyy do you repeaattt so many leetteerrsss

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