Coercive control

We sat in the lounge last night and discussed the roles of husband and wife.

We agreed that the husband was the head of the house and the wife should submit to the husband.

I said that when she resists me touching her that she is in her head building resistance to the family unit. She said she found it invasive. I said that we need to get her used to it. We need to practice her being obedient and submissive at home and in the bed room so that when we are in public that she can be a good wife without being rebellious.

At the end of the discussion I had take all her clothes off and stand up while I walked around and just inspected her. I made positive comments about how beautiful her body was.

Then I lay her down on the bed and we had **.

At the end I said that she was very good and had demonstrated great submission.

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  • While some responders have been pretty rude about it, it is pretty annoying to read the same headline every time while having to read about the bizarre, narcissist (probably) fake exploits of the original poster.

  • I was using the same headline to link them all together and show how I got her to become submissive. To me a few years and what I post are extracts from my journal.

  • Confessionpost-can you have this idiot OP stop posting the same spam all the time please? Thanks in advance!

  • You’re ** in the head.

  • How many times is Confessionpost going to run this same stupid story?

  • It's different each time. A different type of control. The heading is the same. Of course if Confessionpost were to censor it, then you'd complain too.

  • I thought the same.

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