Sister wife

I really wish my husband would be open to finding a second wife, a sister wife for myself. I did not grow up this way but long for the large close family with strong ties. I bring it up a lot and he just smiles and I think he thinks I am joking. I guess I will just keep pushing and see if it goes anywhere. Don't get me wrong I love my husband very much.

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  • Move to a remote area of Utah and join an LDS splinter group. Just don't make the mistake Warren Jeffs made. Make sure everyone participating is over 18.

  • If you want a "large close family with strong ties", there is an answer to that - they're called children. What is the matter with you people? Jesus created Adam and Eve; NOT
    Adam & Steve, or Adam and 56 other women. What you are seeking is immoral. If you want a sister, ask Jesus to send someone to you whom you can serve in some Godly way. I never thought I would live to see the day when so many people have departed from God, and His holy ways. WAKE UP - FLEE H***, Don't rush toward it!

  • Jesus created Adam and Eve?!? Just goes to show....

  • Don't come here to judge people and try and impose your brand of morality on someone seeking advice.

  • If this was something your husband wanted he wouldn't just shrug it off. He'd joke back with you and gauge your reaction, gradually becoming more serious if you continue to seem open to the idea. It would be selfish to pressure your husband into doing something he's not comfortable with so I think you need to find another way.

  • I live with three women...I sleep with all of that s sister wife situation?

  • Only if you've made a lifelong commitment to all three women and they all know about each other.

  • I have, and they do. 2 have been with me for 5 years, the other, a little over 3. We are quite happy.

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