My college years

I went to college in the old van and not much else. I couldn't afford a dorm on campus so I rented a room from a veterinarian, a woman who took care of horses. She looked older but she was 36 and her hair was streaming gray and she very tanned. She was also a woman who liked to be with other women. She told me, she asked me if I was like that, did I want to be with another woman, she would be happy to let me sleep with her.

I was uncomfortable, really I was scared. After a couple of nights she came to my room and told me to get my pillow and come get in her bed. Not a half second after I was in her bed her arms were around me and she was feeling me up with her hands. She had no intentions of setting me free, not before giving me the whole experience, like it or not I had to experience a woman loving on me, all over, hands and mouth and legs and her heavy Venus mound rubbing up and down my thigh. She got me to o*****, got me off, then she got herself off using my hip to rub herself until she came.

I lived with her all through college. She was a stickler for grades, if I lost my place she got a tutor for me, she wanted straight As, I got seriously lectured if I slipped and got a B. As it is I graduated with a 3. 875. By the time I graduated I was an expert when it came to loving with her and was totally comfortable sleeping with her. My old van survived my college years and she gave me a new four by four for my graduation. I got the longest most public kiss after I came out of our seats with my diploma to meet the guests of the graduation. Of course I kissed her back, much to my parent's discomfort.

23 days

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  • Did you both satisfy the horses?

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