Parade perverts

Amazing all the footage from certain parades in LA, DC, Seattle etc where full naked adults are shaking their junk in kids faces in the name of tolerance... What the f*** drugs are these parents on????

15 days

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  • Literally none of that ever happens at pride anywhere in the world. You wouldn't know that because you never leave your mom's basement. Get f*****, biggot

  • Put your head in a wood chipper, depraved Pedo!

  • Liberal values used to be being in favor of more taxes. Now, it's pushing literal marxism and grooming children. I'm not super religious but these people have no guidance in their lives.

  • R***** alert

  • Calling yourself out?

  • They are atheists.

  • Not me, hail Satan!

  • You eat out of Joy Behar’s colon.

  • They are idiots who fall for jewish propaganda

  • F**

  • They molest young children just like you do.

  • You, I like 👍

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