My lesbian aunt and I

Back in 2016 when I turned 20 I came out as lesbian to my parents. We were a typical Chinese family living in SF. They did not take kindly to my confession and I was permanently kicked out- even to this day they have not talked to me or acknowledged my existence. I heard from my old friend that they tell people they "don't have a daughter." It hurt a bit at first but now all I can think is "f*** them!"
I ended up immediately moving in with my aunt Jane who lived alone in San Jose. My commute to work in SF was longer but it was good to live with a fellow family pariah. She is a lesbian as well and knows the cold shoulder my family gives. Jane is my mom's younger sister (currently 44) and has been cut off from our family since she was 18 when she came out after she moved to the US.
She easily welcomed me in and we got along well. One month in after living with her and after having watched some p*** together (I had never really seen such stuff until then tbh) and a bit too much too drink I remember Jane asking if I had ever done anything like we saw in the p***. I confessed I had never had s** with a girl before. I remember her leaning in and us kissing but the rest of the details are a bit fuzzy. We got naked at some point and ended up having s**. That was my first lesbian experience.
We had a brief sexual affair for about four years before we both were able to stop. I finally had enough money to live on my own elsewhere and we both felt what we were doing wasn't right. We parted ways and didn't see each other in person until 2021 and started up a more intense affair for about 4 weeks until we realized we got caught up in it again and have now set boundaries with each other. We occasionally see each other but never are alone together.
Since then I have started dating a girl (started in January) and Jane just met a nice woman a year older than me (she tends to like younger women) three weeks ago that seems to be going well. I don't have any big regrets about my time with my aunt as she gave me shelter when my parents would not and she was my first lover and taught me a lot about being a lesbian. Would I go back? F*** no! I know it was wrong but part of me is glad it happened.

15 days

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