We are old men now

I was in Latin America on business and I walked a couple of blocks to a pizza parlor for dinner. It was not so full and I got a seat at a small table towards the back of the place where I could watch people. In a booth to the side of the place two young men in suits were talking and sharing a beer. One of them kept touching the hand of the other one who didn't seem to mind. Then, if you blinked you missed it, a quick kiss on the lips and they returned to their beers and more talk.

As the night went on more and more people walked in. I needed the restroom and left my coat on the back of the chair and went to the men's room. In front of the urinal was a painting of a man holding another man's **. It was hard to pee without being entranced by the painting. Another man came in and he peed beside me and spoke to me in Spanish. I smiled, sorry but I don't speak Spanish so he spoke English and asked me if I liked the painting, he knew where I could buy one for myself. He knew the artist.

When I returned to my table, I was alone so he offered to sit with me and have a beer. He said he was a banker and he came there often, it was one of the few places where men could be men and not be harassed by the police. He was open about it, in that country at that time being gay was against the law, especially in public. So, be careful he said. Friendly advise.

After another beer and sharing a pizza, he had my hotel down, he knew where it was and he was open to coming by but I needed to let him in. We finished another beer and paid and we left together, keeping a safe distance as we walked to the hotel. The front desk clerk wasn't sure about the man going up with me but he didn't interfere. We had **, raw **, when it came time to draw straws I was on the bottom and he topped me with vigor. It was good **, real good **. Let me repeat that, it was real gooood **.

Things have change so much in the last many years. Today you see pride flags and gay marriage is legal. You see men holding hands, I saw a couple of young women kissing. But back then, it was not like that. It was all not to be seen. I'm not sure that things are better, certainly nothing changed as far as the real life of people, just the curtain has been pulled back. My friend emigrated for Spain because of the financial situation and we lost touch for many years. Until we tripped across each other, the old fashioned way. On the internet. It felt good to see him again, this time we met in Madrid and had a very nice dinner.

Aug 9

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  • And now you have drag queen story time... Well done.

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