My step mom rocks.

My step mom is a thicc redhead with freckles and huge t***, She's actually quite hot so yesterday I was alone at the house with her and I knew she was downstairs, I whipped out my d*** and put my phone in my left hand with a picture of her in a bikini I sneakily took a few days ago at the beach and sitting back I started stroking my c***.
I knew she would be walking up to me from behind and heard her foot steps coming across the hardwood floors, She stopped and stood still for about 30 seconds and then cleared her throat. I pretended to jump and drop my phone toward her and luckily it landed screen up, I jumped up fixing my shorts and she picked up my phone looking at the picture. She handed it to me and said "From now on do that in your room please...Also don't get caught taking pictures like that" and walked away.
I don't think I could have written a better ending to it myself, No I am not going to try and f*** her.

Aug 10

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  • Update us if u do actually f*** her

  • Writing this post from my Stepmom’s bedroom. We had a lot of drinks beside the pool yesterday. Long story short, we had s** many times yesterday and last night. In the pool, kitchen, living room shower and ended up in bed together.

    It was better than I could have dreamed. OMG. And waking up this morning next to her, OMG. I am so hard! I’m going to have a juicy fur burger for breakfast

  • Oh wow! How was it? Your story made me sooo WET

  • It was amazing! I never thought it was possible to c** so many times in a single day. My step mom was amazing. We would have s** and as soon as I was erect she was ready to go again.

    She was saying how happy she was to find someone who could fulfill her desires to have a “f*** fest”. She said she had not felt so good since she was in college but it took 3 guys to satisfy her that weekend.

    She was sad when she tried sucking me off one time and no c** came out as my c*** tried to e********. It hurt. She laughed and said, “darling mommy broke it. Let mommy make it better then she put her breast in my mouth and then sat on my face. She gushed as she climaxed.

    I think im in love with my step mom. Or at least I am in deep l***

  • Steal her dirty panties and smell them as you j*** yourself it will be much better while smelling her panties

  • Darling, as a Middle Aged woman I’m telling you she is interested.

  • How can you tell?

  • First off I’m about your step mom’s age and if that happened to me I would have dropped to my knees and sucked you off.

    The reason she paused is she was tempted to do just that but showed restraint.

    Reward her! She deserves a nice hard young c***. Let her take it anyway and every way she can. Tell her your a virgin even if your not. Women my age love to “turn young boys into men”

  • Women your age are usually dried up and/or dead.

  • I’m 50 and far from dried up. As a matter of fact I’m confident I could f*** you until you cry for your mommy because your little b**** are shriveled up

  • You sound h****, and this brings back memories.
    I`m fifty nine and f***** my mum when mum was 52 and I was 19 after her knowing for years that I wanted to. I frequently stole her knickers to sniff while wanking over her, and she caught me once but said nothing, she just grabbed her knickers off my face and walked away.
    On my 19th birthday I was watching mum undress for bed through a keyhole in her door with my d*** in my hand, and just waiting for her to take her knickers off so I could see her hairy f**** again.
    Suddenly without warning mum walked up to the door, opened it and with her finger invited me in. My mum hen stood in front of me and dropped her knickers telling me to carry on wanking while she watched.
    Mum handed me her knickers that she had just taken off.
    I sniffed my mum`s knickers while I stared at her hairy f**** and wanked like never before.
    I slept in mum`s bed that night and she finally let me f*** her.
    What a night that was.

  • Wow. That story made me sooo WET. I would never have s** with my son but I have had s** with a number of his friends

  • You don`t know what you are missing .
    I so enjoyed f****** my mum`s hairy f**** that to me resembled Epping Forest. I reckon your son would do you if he knew you would let him.
    Why don`t you find out ?
    How old are you both and do you have a proper unkempt hairy bush ?

  • I’m pretty sure my son would “do” me. I’ve caught him spying on me when he was young and even caught him last year watching me tan in the nude by the pool. Which I did just to see if he would watch. Not only did he watch but when I moved the chaise lounge to a reclined position and sat there pretending to read with my b****** and bush in all its glory he dropped his pants and rubbed one out.

    Have to admit it made me wet. But he is my son!

  • Tell us more

  • My son ran track in HS. He ran the relays. He alway hung out with his track friends. One time during his senior year his three friends came over while my son was at work. I was in the back sunbathing by the pool.

    One thing led to another and I ended up getting to know those boys very well. We had fun in the pool, by the pool, in the kitchen, in the shower and in the master bedroom.

    I was sore when we were done. I had a c*** in ever hole on several instances. And c** dripping from my ass and p****.

    Those boys still come by to visit from time to time and it’s been 6 years since then. Most of them are out of college now with families of their own or engaged to be married. But those sweet boys still call me their “WMWLF”. White Momma We Love to F***”.

  • Just out of curiosity, are they big black c***, and you're a white female?

  • Yes darling. BIG Black C**** that stretched out my bushy p**** and ass. I was 47 the first time. But my boys come visit when ever they are in town. I only got the pleasure of all three at once one time but two of them are twins so I do get to enjoy them together.

    I always thought my hubby was hung but those boys stretch mommy out. But mommy loves the pain. Those boys are going to be incredible husbands. I’m jealous of their future wives

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